2017 BMW X1



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34,234 Miles
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Vehicle Details

Mileage: 34234
Color: WHITE
Body Style: SUV
Trim Level: xDrive28i
Transmission: Automatic
Engine Type: 4 Cyl
Drive Train: AWD
Fuel: GAS
Location: Camarillo, CA

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Recalls & Defects

VIN WBXHT3C38H5F68776 may have been recalled. Check full report for more information


BMW of North America, LLC (BMW) is recalling certain model year 2017 BMW 640i, 640i xDrive, 650i, 650i xDrive, M6, 535i, 535i xDrive, 430i, 430i xDrive, 440i, 440i xDrive, M4, X1 sDrive28i, X1 xDrive28i, i3, i8, Rolls-Royce Dawn, Mini Clubman Cooper, Clubman Cooper S, Cooper All4, Cooper S All4, Mini 4-Door Cooper, Cooper S, Mini 2-Door Cooper, Cooper S, John Cooper Works and 2016 BMW 528i, 528i xDrive, 535i, 535i xDrive, 550i, 550i xDrive, M5 and 535d vehicles. The affected vehicles have seat- mounted side air bag inflator initiators that may fail to ignite during a crash.

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Information about Dealer

An excellent dealership in my experience

Alpenradder on 10/27/2016

Customer Service: 4.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

I've purchased two cars from Steve Thomas and have had the maintenance on the present one done there for the past 3 years. I got an excellent deal on both I couldn't get elsewhere. I got my new 2014 at $300 over cost (I had actual cost provided by Consumer Reports) and saved an additional $1800 by taking delivery at the factory in Munich which was suggested by the internet sales person when he learned I was going to be there in a few months on vacation. The factory delivery program turned out to be an outstanding experience and I highly reccommend it to anyone who can manage the time to go and can tolerate the wait time for delivery to Steve Thomas from Munich. BMW provides European registration, 5 weeks of insurance and delivery back to any dealer at no additional cost. The service has been easy to arrange, goes quickly with appointments and is done well. The car is always clean when finished and they provide you with a rental, a ride home or very nice treatment if you decide to wait in the lobby. Despite all the hoorah about Rusnak BMW I had nothing but bad experiences with them after the move to their new facility. They ended up staffed with incompetents. I got a horrible offer on the new car earlier mentioned and, in an earlier experience several years before, had recommended $2400 in repairs to my old Z3 to solve a rumble problem and the car was only worth $5-6000. I consulted an expert mechanic that I knew and four of the five "needed repairs" weren't necessary and would not have solved the problem which turned out to be the exhaust system suspension. I had to pay Rusnak $180 for the useless diagnosis. The mechanic had never even taken the car out for a test drive as part of the diagnosis. Incompetence plain and simple and trying to squeeze me for a wad of money. I had taken the issue to management at Rusnak and never got a response.

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Vehicle Rating & Owner Reviews

Overall Rating
  Based on 5 reviews

Bigger than it looks Driving Dynamics Control with

RIchard on 11/19/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 4 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: Safety Rating: Technology Rating: Value Rating: 5

I recently purchased a 2017 BMW X1 Xdrive. I have previously owned (2) 3 series and (1) 5 series. IMO, the 2017 X1 is the best value for the money of all the other BMW's I have owned. It is not the best handling or planted to the road BMW I've owned, actually it is the least. But, for its class, its absolutely the best handling and value for money. For this class(small CUV), I actually prefer the front drive platform to give it the best overall use of space. This little CUV(I consider it a cuv instead of SUV), because its actually more like a slightly raised hatchback or wagon but looks like a SUV. The 2017 is slightly revised from the complete remodel in 2016. The 2016 has a standard sport suspension but for 2017 they changed suspensions and made the sport or M suspension available as an option with the M sport package only. I assumed I would like the 2016 better but after test driving the 2016 and 2017 models, I actually preferred the 2017 suspension better. IMO, the 2016 is a little harsh and hard. I think the 2016 having a sport suspension and awd the handling is amazing but a little hard for many people interested in a suv. The 2017 has a more comfortable feeling but still offers terrific handling, especially for its class. I really enjoy the std "Driving Dynamics control" with Eco, comfort and sport settings. In sport it changes the heft and feel of the steering and even though it probably doesn't effect the suspension, some how it does effect the over all feeling of the handling and seems to improve it. I drive all the time in sport setting. I have not driven the FWD only model but I am pretty sure the AWD model provides better handling and a more planted feeling. For those of you that don't want to purchase the M sports package that includes sport suspension, the standard suspension with sport setting and awd still offers great handling in the 2017. This car zips around and goes into tight spots pretty easy. Its actually a small car but feels very big inside and that's because of the front wheel drive platform it offers a much better use of space. The back seats offer plenty room. The cargo space in back is plenty big and also there is space underneath the floor on the back that provides even more storage. There is also plenty of head room in the X1. The quality of the plastics are good, typical Teutonic German simple look but a luxury look and feel to dash. The std front seat probably needs a little more cushion but the standard vinyl seats look good. If you are looking for a small suv(cuv) I think the BMW x1 is clearly the best in its class.

X1 is it a BMW?

Steve on 10/30/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 3 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

I traded a 2014 X1 for a 2017.... I saw it, it looks great! a big improvement, I got inside.. great, another big improvement across the board, really an aggressive/beautiful car inside and out.... then I drove it? wait a minuet, did I get in a BMW or Mercedes? a little less power than my 2014, noticeable in particular when accelerating while moving, such as passing, but even worse the shifting,... gone is the precision, satisfying, almost manual like shifts exactly where they should be in every situation, now shifting feels like standard Mercedes in eco mode, or other quality but soft car. I buy BMW partly due to driving experience, BMW missed a great opportunity to show us a front drive could feel like a BMW, this does not, don´t get me wrong it is a great car, my wife likes it better, says it is more comfortable, and it is, but seat of the pants does not feel as good, it just does not feel 100% BMW due mostly to transmission personality.

agree to disagree

alan on 10/29/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 4 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 4 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

previous owner of earlier bmw's, mini cooper S', porsche and ferrari, as well as a slew of others, I am compelled to disagree with earlier gentleman' statement about harsher ride, this X-1 we bought precisely because as a small cross-over this rides impeccably well, so much more than we ever anticipated, which is why we bought it! Keep it out of sport mode! Or not I use it for performance purposes, my spouse does not, the choice is ours to make. We looked at four door clubman, f-pace jags, MB slams & c's, none do what this car does especially for the price, none!

sexy and complicated

Charles Connoy on 10/13/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 4 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

confusing controls --- complicated! not much visibility at the back

Completely different car from earlier X1's

Gary from Austin, Texas on 10/05/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 3 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating:

My wife and I test-drove a 2017 X1 last week. Happily, we also test-drove an X3, which, in our opinion, made the X1 look terrible. She ended up buying a new X3, which she finds, at this point, to be a wonderful car. Anyway, I own a 2013 X1, which I like very much. I have nothing but good to say about it. But the 2017 we drove was definitely a different car from mine. It looks pretty much the same, although I think it is a little larger. The turbo-four still has the nice kick to it. But the ride was hard -- bumpy and uncomfortable compared to my 2013 and especially compared to the X3 we drove. So, if you are interested in an X1, keep in mind that you are considering a car so different from the older X1's that perhaps it should have been renamed.

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