2015 LEXUS ES 350



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37,036 Miles
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Mileage: 37036
Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic
Engine Type: 3.5L V6 268hp 248ft. lbs. 3.5L V
Drive Train: FWD
Location: Modesto, CA

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VIN JTHBK1GG8F2171988 may have been recalled. Check full report for more information


Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing (Toyota) is recalling certain model year 2013-2015 Avalon and Avalon Hybrid vehicles manufactured October 19, 2012 to October 27, 2015 and 2013-2015 Lexus ES350 and ES300h vehicles manufactured June 18, 2012 to July 6, 2015. The affected vehicles are equipped with a Pre-Collision System (PCS) as optional equipment. In these vehicles, the PCS may unexpectedly activate and apply the brakes when the radar detects a steel joint or plate in the roadway as an object.

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tigercub1255 on 11/27/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 4.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

Bought my truck there-Brian even helped me to send info over my phone to insurance co. Recall work went smoothly. Really appreciated the shuttle service.

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Vehicle Rating & Owner Reviews

Overall Rating
  Based on 6 reviews

It is a Toyota with below par electronic

David P. on 11/08/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 3 Performance Rating: 4 Interior Rating: 3 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 4 Technology Rating: 1 Value Rating: 2

This car is sold as a luxury vehicle, but after owning it for while we realized nothing is luxury about it except the grittiness of the company and the dealership. Basically, this is a Toyota with a little better paint job outdated electronic and very frustrated entertainment system. Most disappointing is the outrages maintenance prices $300 for an oil change and $475 a yearly charge if you want your navigation system to be updated. Personally, I would not recommend buying this car.

Nice Ride

sfs on 12/01/2015

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 4 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: 4 Safety Rating: 4 Technology Rating: 4 Value Rating: 4

Would prefer a DIGITAL clock - clock is hard to see. Center console is a bit crowded & not useful - no space for sunglasses. Overhead interior lighting is cheap looking - "spot" lights would look more refined. Does not have blind-spot monitor - really wanted that.

Luxurious feeling ride.

Chris on 09/08/2015

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

This is my second Lexus. I kept my 2004 es330 11 years and never had any repair issues. It still drove beautifully. I recently got my new es350 which I just love. The navigation is so much easier to use. I am getting used to the new mouse pad. We looked at other cars but nothing drives as softly and quietly as a Lexus. In the end this is the only car I wanted. It's beautiful inside and I can adjust the seat perfectly. I love the memory mirrors and seats. The stereo sounds wonderful. I can't find anything to complain about. I will always be a Lexus owner. Thanks Lexus.

Not Your Child's Car

DrV1968 on 07/19/2015

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

First of all, I didn't even consider Lexus when my husband and I test drove cars recently. In fact, I wasn't going to purchase ANY car because I was perfectly happy with the one I had, but my husband wanted to look, so well, let's be honest, much easier to give them what they want! We drove several luxury sedans that day, and my husband wanted to look specifically at Acura to replace my loaded Honda Accord, which was a car that I loved. We visited dealerships up and down "motormile" including Audi, Acura, BMW, Honda, and so on. At the end of the day, I was happy to have proven to my husband that my Honda was, even after a few years, unbeatable. THEN, at the end of the day, he asked me would I like to visit Lexus, which I really didn't, but like any good wife, my response was Why not? Oh. My. Goodness. I've friends who own Lexus, BMWs, Mercedes, etc. but I'm not one to be persuaded to buy for the "label" unless it's truly a better product and an exceptional value. That said, I should have stopped while I was ahead that day... Because I'm now officially a Lexus addict. There are three things that I demand of any vehicle I own: comfort, reliability, and power! When I press the accelerator, I want that car to move; however, I'm not a twenty-something looking for a sports car, (or a mid-life crisis hot rod) and if that's what you want, look elsewhere. Try their slightly more affordable IS version for a stiff sports ride if you need that speedster experience. There is no go-kart, stiff, bumpy, hardcore ride to the ES 350 at all --- it is pure comfort and smooth luxury. After test driving cars all day, including a few for $60K and 80K, this one actually made me realize that I did in fact want a new car- THIS car!! Let me be blunt, if I shell out over $40K from my pocket - not the bank's money, but cold hard cash - it must be an amazing bang-for-the-buck because, personally, it hurts to turn loose of that much hard-earned money in one fell swoop (Note to cash buyers: If you pay the dealership $9900 in cash and write a check for the balance, they are still required to report that to the IRS. Checks count as cash, go figure.) All this to say, I'm not a Lexus fan, or a gadget junkie, or a new car aficionado, but that ES 350 literally sold itself. Period. If you haven't driven it, what are you waiting for? No review is going to convince you like the car itself! There is a reason that the ES 350 is Lexus' best selling model - it's just that good! Yes, even if it means I have to admit my husband was right! Three things you should know: Most surprisingly, Lexus of Knoxville mailed us a refund check for $100 because we overpaid (after we had dickered over price for an hour) which tells me the associates working for that dealership have integrity! It would have been extremely easy for someone to stick that cash in his or her pocket. They were honest during the entire process, even when it came to telling me what they were going to do with the Accord I traded in. (I loved that car! And FYI they auctioned it. For less than they gave us in trade in value.) If you have the ability to deal in Knoxville, definitely buy from them! Next, the accessories and safety features definitely stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. A back-up cam is nice, sure, but features like the park assist and blind spot monitoring are fab-u-lous. The dealership tech expert sat in the car with me and taught me all the nifty tricks and short-cuts. For example, If you activate the voice command system and say, "I'm cold," the car increases the temp by four degrees, without ever taking your eyes off the road. Same with "I'm hot" and "I'm hungry" is a simple way to get nav to display local dining options. Take advantage of your tech expert because he or she knows how to make it easy and fun to drive this car and will answer all your questions no matter how long it takes --- then gives you his number in case you have questions after delivery. Lastly, when you do purchase the ES 350, and if you drive it, you will buy one, make sure you get all the accessories you think you might want; having them added at a later date (like a spoiler or body-side molding) is actually more expensive than the price on Lexus' website "due to the added labor costs." Unfortunately, we bought ours on a Sunday night and I regret not getting those items added in at a set price, thinking when I drove back to Knoxville to have the car officially delivered, I could add accessories at their stated price. Luckily, I found a spoiler and body-side molding online for less than $100 each (original equipment branded In a Toyota box when delivered) and our local body shop installed both in under an hour... So, we spent $200 on options that would have been a grand had we had them done in Lexus' service dept; however, these parts aren't covered under warrantee. If the car is already equipped from the factory, according to the dealership, you don't pay labor.

2015 Lexus ES350

qwkcut on 03/05/2015

Performance: 5 Comfort: 5 Fuel Economy: 5 Fun To Drive: 5 Interior Design: 5 Exterior Design: 5 Build Quality: 3 Reliability: 5 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5

I picked up a 2015 Lexus ES350 for my wife on Valentines Day to replace our 2003 Lexus ES300. We couldn't be more happy with all the changes/ upgrades that this new model brings to the table. I rent cars several times a month and have always told my wife that our 2003 Lexus drove better, interior quieter and functionality of gauges better suited than any rental car foreign or domestic that I have ever had. This holds true for the 2015 model as well. BMW and Mercedes only wish they had the repair history of the Lexus ES350. Lexus voice command navigation and Microsoft mouse type entry keeps your fingers off the screen and eyes on the road.


carreragt3 on 11/22/2014

Performance: 3 Comfort: 3 Fuel Economy: 2 Fun To Drive: 2 Interior Design: 3 Exterior Design: 3 Build Quality: 3 Reliability: 3 Comfort Rating: 3 Performance Rating: 3 Interior Rating: 3 Reliability Rating: 3

My wealthy Uncle just traded in his couple-year-old ES for the top-line 2015 ES, which I shuttle him around in. I have a BMW 5-series, so I understand I am not in the ES's target demographic. But seriously, when I drive the ES, I am reminded just how poorly front-drive platforms perform. They push, yank, and protest. They are positively poor driving cars, but probably not unlike most FWDs. Luxury-wise, the interiors are ok; ok materials, fair design, not a fan of ANY touchscreen, but definitively targeted at old people. There is not a touch of passion to this car, nor of austerity. I suppose, like Cadillacs of a few years ago, this car is made for people who have "given up."

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