2014 FIAT 500L


56,849 Miles
Miles below average

Vehicle Details

Mileage: 56849
Color: Red
Body Style: SUV
Transmission: Manual
Engine Type: 1.4L 330A1047
Drive Train: FWD
Fuel: Gasoline

Recalls & Defects

VIN ZFBCFAAH5EZ001835 may have been recalled. Check full report for more information


Chrysler Group, LLC (Chrysler) is recalling certain model year 2013-2014 Fiat 500e Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) vehicles manufactured September 24, 2012, through April 4, 2014. The affected vehicles have cooling plates for the Power Inverter Module (PIM) that may leak coolant into areas of the high voltage circuitry, resulting a short circuit that could cause the related service fuse to blow.

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Information about Dealer

Great Service

Ritch Young on 02/16/2017

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I came for a specific car and I got what I wanted for a good deal. I will definitely recommend this dealership for my friends.

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Vehicle Rating & Owner Reviews

Overall Rating
  Based on 4 reviews

Very fun to drive!

Brian Vinci on 04/25/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 3 Performance Rating: 3 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 4 Technology Rating: 3 Value Rating: 3

I've owned this car for over 2 years when writing this review. The good: This car is fun to drive, its eye catching , and people always comments on the sound of the exhaust. If your looking for something fun to drive this is a good catch. The cabrio top is great on non rainy days, really enjoy the air and blasting the sound system, which is ample to blast through any wind noise. The steering and response is there,, it wont disappoint on the steering and grippiness of the road. Once the stock tires wore down I replaced them with Michelen Y rated tires which will last longer. The stick shift is this car is super easy,, you wont have a problem even if your a novice. And the hill assist is money. If your on a hill and need to go from 1st gear, no need to rev the engine and grind the clutch, the car holds break for you for about 3-4 seconds which is plenty to get going (really nice feature) and if its not your thing, you can turn it off in the settings. Interior: its a unique design for Fiat so theres not much in the Fiat line to compare it to,, its a nice leather finish to the seats and really compliments the white exterior. I get lots of compliments on the interior design. Gas milage will vary depending on how you drive it,, if your enjoying that punchy turbo motor,, expect gas milage to suffer,, if your easy on it,, it'll realistically be in the mid to high twenties maybe get into 30s. Parking assist is money and works as advertised All the controls are easy to use, reach and understand. If you want to know some cons: Might second biggest gripe would be the stock radio head unit. Its really cheap garbage. Which is sad because this car is priced high when compared to what you get in other brands for mid-high 20k range. I replaced it with a Kenwood KVT7012BT, which is the best thing you can do. Not only does it allow you to adjust the EQ the fidelity, apps, screen size and capability is just better. Sound is well improved. The Beats system is junk and is pure marketing for beats, the consumer is benefiting nothing from this system. Second gripe would be the headlight power,, the illumination is underwhelming and in many cases will have you wondering if your seeing everything you need to be. There are some blind spots with the front windshield pillars which when in a lengthy turn scenario have blinded me to cars that were there so you have to have your head on a swivel when taking corners to ensure there is no one coming head on. Resale value on these cars is terrible!!! The number 1 reason I wont purchase again. If you buy it be prepared to keep it for many years. I do find myself wishing for some illumination around the interior at night. Even grabbing a drink from a cupholder can be difficult when its pitch black in the car, so some subtle illumination like the mini has would be stellar. Especially since this car isnt too far off the pricing of a mini. It really is a decent car I would recommend. I have had zero issue with it mechanically. I had a family of four in it without issue cruising around. And taken several trips with 2-3 people in it.

Great little car!

Tomie Gart on 04/08/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

This is so much fun to drive.

ABSOLUTE WORST Car I Have Ever Owned

Patrice on 03/26/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: Performance Rating: 1 Interior Rating: Reliability Rating: Safety Rating: Technology Rating: Value Rating:

Purchased a 2014 Fiat 500 Lounge April 2015 about 1 week after purchase I was going up a hill had stopped at a stop sign, after the stop I accelerated and the car although in drive would not go forward and just drifted back. I had to wait for traffic to go around me and then drift backward down the hill until i drifted backward into a driveway then drifted forward in drive down the hill until the transmission engaged back into drive. Over the next 2 months the transmission failed to engage 3 more times each a under different circumstances and each of those times when the transmission did engage the car lunged forward. Each time this happened there was someone in the car with me and once someone else was driving. I took my car to the dealer and was told they could find no issues. The problem continued so I called Fiat who advised I take it back to the dealer which I did and the dealer advised again no issues and had a tech from Fiat come into look at it and again they found nothing. Fiat said there was nothing they could do. The car is DANGEROUS, I also called Chrysler and got the same results. Neither FIAT or CHRYSLER was of any assistance and offered no solution perhaps replacing with another car or something, anything ..not that I want another but at least an offer to rectify the situation. DO NOT PURCHASE A FIAT car is unsafe and Fiat & Chrysler customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with.

Used Abarth is a perfect second car- Updated twice

Wade Morefield on 09/26/2015

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 4 Performance Rating: 4 Interior Rating: 3 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 4 Technology Rating: 3 Value Rating: 5

I love my Abarth. It's our second car, but we've already taken it on one long road trip. It is a very fun car to drive and feels much faster than it is. I'm surprised how comfortable it is, given all the negative press I've read. For 2 six foot adults, the car is perfectly comfortable. Miles per gallon are better than EPA estimates, but smiles per gallon are off the charts. The touch points in the cabin are very nice, even if there is a lot of hard plastic. No complaints at all. Comfortable, fun, economical, practical and it sounds awesome when you run it up through the gears! Buy a lightly used one and you won't regret it. UPDATE - The Abarth continues to impress! I've put about 5,000 miles on it and everything continues to work as it should. Overall fuel mileage remains 30 mpg average in mixed driving. I recently took the Abarth on a nice long road trip up to PA and it was great fun hurtling along the backroads of MD and eastern PA. Third and 4th gears are perfect for that kind of thing. The Abarth is surprisingly comfortable on the Interstate, but I prefer secondary roads if only to allow me to use the gearbox more! Many folks complain about the shifter, but I find that it works just fine. The throws might be a tad on the long side, but engagement is precise and shifts can be very smooth. The leather wrapped Abarth steering wheel and shifter are both a pleasure to use. The 'sport' button on the dashboard provides a noticeable bump in power, but I usually don't bother w/ it. The brakes are VERY good. As noted by some others, the turning diameter is about the same as most mid sized SUVs, which is surprising. Apparently, the Abarth modifications to the front suspension required it. I've adjusted, but it's ironic to drive such a small car and have to plan ahead in some parking situations as if you were driving a truck. Overall, I consider the Fiat Abarth to be an excellent alternative to a big sport touring bike for those of us who have outgrown (literally and figuratively) motorcycles. Evening blasts through the countryside w/ the windows down, cruising around town listening to the burbling exhaust, running it up through the gears and stints on the interstate are all at least 95% as much fun as I'd have on a motorcycle. The roof, windshield, wipers, HVAC, heated seats, stereo, airbags, luggage space, and relative comfort (for two!) more than make up for the other 5% of lost performance and 'freedom'. And my lightly used Abarth was much cheaper than any of the big sport touring bikes. UPDATE Sept. 28, 2016 - I'm over a year in with my used 2014 Abarth and I still love it. A ball joint started creaking in the front suspension, but that was repaired under the excellent 4 year/50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. At my rate of driving, I'll be able to enjoy full warranty coverage through August of 2018! My local Fiat service department is primarily a Dodge shop and customer service is TERRIBLE. But the Fiat mechanics seem solid and the annual oil change was only $68 for full synthetic. The Abarth has proven to be very reliable and I'm looking forward to some autumn road trips. I added a $15 Bluetooth dongle for the aux input and now I can enjoy streaming music from my phone as well as the standard Bluetooth phone integration. Later models have better Bluetooth capability standard. Bottom line - If you are looking for a fun, inexpensive second car you should definitely test drive a 500 Abarth. The bang for the buck is tremendous and it's an absolute blast to bomb around in.

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