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great service best price

remby on 10/12/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Great service the buying process was easy they got new and used cars ready to ride best prices in 500 miles from nc for the car I was looking for thank you

Quick response

fsmith on 09/01/2016

Customer Service: 4.0

I was browsing for a use car online. I had sent an e-mail about a car listed on the website. They are very quick with responding about any questions I had.

Mr.Charles Lemon

Charles Lemon on 11/12/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Buying Process: 1.0 Quality Of Repair: 1.0 Overall Facilities: 1.0

I have tried on many occasions to deal with the people at all Moses Automotive Group and just can't do it. I have always went to another Dealer and made a very fair deal for both the dealer and myself. this time a crossed the state line into Kentucky.

Poor customer service from sales manager and owner

Unhappy on 07/29/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Buying Process: 4.0

I purchased a car back in June 2015 and had no issues. I checked my credit report a few weeks ago and found they had ran my credit through 4 banks without my permission. I've called twice. Spoke to the sales manager and he never returned my call like he said he would with a plan of action to resolve the issue. It's been over two weeks. Called last week and left a message for the owner and to date I haven't received a call back.

Five star service, excellent customer service

Anthony on 06/02/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I had been looking for a used vehicle for a while with no luck. After seeing the car i wanted online i use the email link and was answered very promptly and set up a time to see and drive the car. Upon arriving at the dealership I found the staff to be very help and respectful. There was no pressure at all which is something u usually dont experience at other car dealers. Travis, Rebekah and the finance department worked really hard to get me the right loan to help rebuild my credit and get me in a great vehicle. The next time I decide to get a new car Moses Honda Volkswagon will be my one and only stop.

Wonderful in every way !!!!!

Mark and Jonathan on 05/28/2015

Customer Service: 4.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 2.0

What can I say other than my experience was the best I could of hope for. My son and I were looking for what we called the perfect 2014 Camaro. We found it on the Net and drove the 5 hours to check it out. It was everything they said and more. The paperwork and car were ready when we got there. Thanks again Rebekah and Joe!!!! You made the father and son adventure even more special !!!! Thanks Mark

Great Experience

Neil Singer on 02/15/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Buying a used car is hard enough, but buying one 450 miles away based only on pictures and data on the internet seemed crazy. Until yesterday. I found the vehicle I wanted with the right mileage, right model year, right options, right colors, and the right price. The only problem was that the vehicle was in West Virginia and I live in Georgia. Luckily the dealer, Moses Honda/VW, had Rebekah Bryant handling my inquiry. I contacted Rebekah and she handled all the things I couldn't do remotely: drive the car, inspect the condition of it in detail, etc. Rebekah relayed all the information on a Friday and I flew up the next morning to complete the deal and drive it home. Rebekah came in on her day off and even picked me up at the airport. Dave, the Sales Manager was very helpful too. Although the price was already rockbottom he adjusted it a bit when I found the car needed alignment. Rebekah had arranged for most of the paperwork to be done before I arrived so I was in and out quickly (important because it started snowing about 15 minutes into my ride home). Jared Gooch in the finance office was friendly and efficient. No high pressure add-on pitches. No surprise fees. Everything was as Rebekah promised. Just a great experience across the board. Thank you Rebekah, Dave, and everyone at Moses Honda/VW. (p.s. If you google it, Moses has an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau)

good service great teamwork

jamesm on 11/07/2014

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

the staff was very professional. each of the salespeople i dealt with were super nice, knowledgable and knew how to hand off a customer to a different department while staying involved with the sales process. i was extremely satisfied and will recommend this dealership to anyone .

Worst Customer Service I've Ever Experienced

Anonymous customer on 05/16/2014

Customer Service: 1.0

I had a very poor experience with this facility. I had to buy a new key for my VW. I ordered it over the phone and talked directly with the services department. I asked if I could come in the next Friday morning to get it picked up and programmed over the phone, to which the response was yes, unless the key was not in to them yet, but they would call me when they got it. When I came the next Friday at the time I had stated over the phone, they did have the key. The key was also already cut. All that was left to do was to program the key. However, everything that had been discussed over the phone meant nothing and they could not program the key at the time I had stated I would come over the phone. This would have been a minor issue, had I not had to take a day off from work and drive an hour and a half one way for this treatment (closest VW dealership to my home). Even after explaining all of this, a deal could not and would not be made. I would have to wait until next week at the very earliest. I understand that several of your employees took the day off and you're now swamped: A deal had been made. As a customer, I held up my end of the bargain. Now, when I came to you to get the services we had agreed to, hold up your end. While you state that you did not see it in the schedule, I am positive that it had been made. I am not sure when I can even come again, and have already paid for a worthless key until it's programmed. Programming a key takes 30 seconds. I find it hard to believe you could not find time to fit that in somewhere, even if there was a snafu in your scheduling. I can't re-schedule my life to get this key, especially since the first time I scheduled, the person over the phone made no note of it and knew nothing when I actually got there. So, in short, don't alter your schedule to fit theirs because it doesn't work, and don't trust anything said or scheduled over the phone, because no one actually pays attention to that anyway. Considering seeing if they can just ship the key to me and find a way to program it myself because it is not worth the headache to even walk in.

Great experience

Ted on 04/03/2014

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Our experience at Moses was excellent. Our questions were answered in a timely manner, we were not pressured at all while considering vehicles. We were treated like a friend by our salesman, Brett. They took the time to try to get us the best deal they could get for our new car. If we are ever in need of a new vehicle, Moses will be our first stop

Outstanding car purchase experience!!

Lee on 03/28/2014

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0

My familys car purchase experience with Moses Honda Volkswagen was excellent. I live out-of-state; across the country in Nevada actually. While assisting my younger brother in searching for a certified used vehicle to purchase near where he lives in Charleston, WV, I located a Honda Accord at Moses Honda Volkswagen through My communications were with Rebekah Bryant, Internet Sales Manager, and Jared Gooch, Business Manager. My contact started on a Monday, and my brother purchased the vehicle on the Friday of the same week. The customer service via email and telephone facilitated an easy transaction for my brother when he arrived by the end of that week. And, more importantly to me, my family experienced kindness and courtesy from Rebekah and the Moses staff who assisted them that day. Rebekah even sent me a photo of my brother with his vehicle. So, I genuinely appreciate not only the Moses staff expediting a great car purchase (really great price and the car looked great), but also how well my family was treated in this process. Highly recommend Moses Honda Volkswagen!!!

Just Blessed by a Wonderful Experience

The Cupp Crew on 03/01/2014

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

With a family of six we had been looking for a vehicle to replace our much loved 2003 Chevy Suburban. After spending the whole day in Cincy looking we came home and found a minivan on Moses Honda Volkswagen's website that we really liked. I sent an email to ask about it and got an immediate response from Rebekah. She was so helpful in answering questions and letting me know it would not last long. My husband had to work the following day. After praying about it I decided to load up my four children and travel an hour and 15 minutes to see the minivan. I met Rebekah and Joe at the showroom and they were so friendly and helpful. We all loved the minivan and knew that this was the car for us. I really appreciated Joe's honesty and help to get us a great deal on this vehicle. The dealership was a great experience for us..truly a blessing! You could tell walking in that they were not just about numbers. There was a lobby like area for customers with a toy section for my children! This was like finding a pot of of gold at the end of a rainbow for me. I could not have spent 3.5 hours by myself purchasing a new vehicle with four children under the age of 9 if this was not available. I am thankful for the well thought out place of refuge. In what could have been a very stressful situation it was instead very easy and laid back. This vehicle is perfect for us and we all feel so very blessed by this experience and by this dealer. Teri in financing was quick, knowledgeable a very efficient. We will go back and see Joe and Moses Honda Volkswagen when it is time to trade my husband's car in.

Excellent transaction

Bill on 07/15/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Great facilities. Purchased a used Mercedes over the internet, sight unseen, which had been prepped in new car fashion. All went perfectly. Highly recommend this dealer.

Overall Good Experience

Bought the red car on 07/28/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 3.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

My wife and I visited several dealerships. We met Travis on our first visit and I didn't think I could buy a car from him because he was wearing a WVU shirt. Go Herd! After visiting a few more dealers in the area, especially one that rhymes with Hutch Filler. We came back to Moses and asked for Travis. Travis dealt fairly with us. He answered our questions and let us take a test drive without riding along. The only negative part was the amount of time that it took to get the financing approved. We were there for about 4 hours. Overall, our experience was positive. We will recommend them to our family and friends.

Smooth and Easy

Becci on 07/15/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I knew the exact vehicle I wanted (2012 Honda CR-V EX, red). I called to see if they had it in stock and what price they could offer it to me. It beat the other dealership I was considering. So I told them I already had my financing completed and was on my way. They had the vehicle ready for me when I arrived, freshly washed, and had the paperwork ready for me to sign. It was probably the easiest sale that salesman ever had, and it was a smooth, easy process for me. The sales team thoroughly explained any questions I had. They set up my phone to the Bluetooth system and explained all the features to me. It helped that I went there knowing exactly what I wanted, but it was a no-stress, pleasant experience.


Mileage: 89197

Color: WHITE

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: SUV

City: Barboursville, WV

Engine Type: 4 Cyl


Mileage: 110931

Color: WHITE

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: Minivan

City: Barboursville, WV

Engine Type: 6 Cyl


Mileage: 2

Color: BLUE

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: Sedan

City: Barboursville, WV

Engine Type: Intercooled Turbo Regular Unlead

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