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Would give it zero stars

Italia14 on 08/07/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

I bought a used 2013 Ford Flex from them, and had nothing but problems. The rear breaks shortly after I bought it were shot. The sensor for the front driver side door doesnt register that the door is closed. The car alarm goes off at random. The tires we worn on the inside half of the tread. Called them multiple times, they never called back.

Unsatisfying customer service

Selem Medhane on 05/27/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

I bought a 2008 Honda Civic, it sounded great and the AC was working during the test drive. The next day, the air stopping working and the car broke down a week later due to a locked compressor. About a week later, the car broke down again due to a crack in the engine. The company would not give me any kind of warranty, I admit I shouldn't have bought a car without one, and learned my lesson. However, when telling the company about the complete destruction of the car I spent my life savings on, they left a voicemail saying they cannot do anything because there was no warranty and the car made no noises the day I bought it. They obviously had the money, just not the conscience to care. I would never go back to them, and hope to convince others to do more research before buying from them. Thankfully, Honda is standing by their car. My partner did many hours of research and found an extended warranty on the engine . Honda is replacing it for free. However, if this had not occurred, the car I spent over $7,000 of dollars on would be worth approximately $300.


Lorraine Laviera on 05/05/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

In October 2015 I had went to the Medina Auto Mall to look for a car because a good friend recommended this dealer to me and also recommended I see the sales Manager Doug Masterson. I traded in a Honda Civic 2003 for a GMC Terrain 2013 and I was given $2000.00 for the trade. After a few months of driving the Terrain I wanted to exchange the Terrain for one that had AWD because I knew it was a better feature to have in a place where it snows more than half of the year. I contacted Mr. Masterson and told him my concern and he told me to stop by the dealer to see what they could do. After a few days I go online and I chat with someone from the same dealer and I tell him how I would like to exchange my Terrain for one that has AWD and he also tells me to stop by the dealer. What I found strange was that after a spoke with Mr. Masterson or chatted on line with someone from the dealer I never heard back from any of them neither through email or phone. I thought they were not interested in my business so I went elsewhere to try to exchange my Terrain. I went to another dealer and like expected I was bombarded with emails and phone calls from the other dealers trying to get my business. I went to the other dealer to try to exchange my Terrain and to my disappointment the dealer said they could not offer me what I wanted because the Terrain had been in an accident according to Carfax and the value of the Terrain went down. Needless to say I am quite frustrated because Medina Auto Mall where I bought the Terrain never gave me a Carfax for the Terrain nor did they ever disclose to me that the Terrain had been in a previous accident. Had I known this before, I would have NEVER bought the Terrain. I immediately called Mr. Masterson to ask him why this information was never given to us or a Carfax was never shown to us and he stated that information was on the internet. I responded to him I never looked on the internet because a good friend recommended us to come to you and I had all faith that the recommendation was a good one. When I went to the Medina Auto Mall Mr. Masterson tried exchanging my Terrain for a lease which is not what I wanted to do. He treated me with disrespect as if I didnt know what was best for me and as if I didnt know the game he was playing. I then contacted the General Manager Mr. Lou Kaltestein which then passed me along to another salesman that knew nothing about my situation with Mr. Masterson. When I speak with the new salesman he tells me that he will give me a deal that would make me very happy. Once again I felt cheated and disrespected because they were trying to give me a car that was much more expensive than the one I was paying for. Do they really think I dont know my math? I didnt ask for a brand new car I just wanted to exchange my Terrain for another used Terrain that came with AWD. In fact I even saw that they had a used SUV with all the features that I wanted in their lot and I asked why not offer me this SUV and they wanted to cheat me by offering me $3000.00 less for my vehicle then they would have given me if I took the new SUV. I know my math and that wasnt a good deal and there was no customer satisfaction as far as I am concerned. I tried to contact the General Manager Mr. Kaltestein several times after that day and until this day I have not received an email or phone call from him. I feel that I was deceived and taken for granted and that they committed fraud since they disclosed to me the Carfax or even told me that the SUV had been in an accident. Unfortunately, the problem remains unresolved. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed.


Duane on 10/08/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I purchased a brand new 2014 Charger RT from them for $40,000. I also purchased the bumper to bumper extended warranty plan. There is a big blemish in the paint on the side of the car that was there when I bought it. The car is Black, so it really stands out. When I ask about it getting fixed, I was told by one their managers "I am not painting xxxx" the Blemish was never fixed. At 15000 miles the vehicle developed an issue with the transmission. I have had it in 4 times for this same issue. The last time; the Service Manager Ron, rode with me and admitted that it is an issue with the torque converter. He also stated that he did not have time to work on the car and would call me when he had time to get it in to fix it. That has been a month and a half ago and still no word from Ron. I am handicapped and need a vehicle that I can trust to not breakdown or leave me stranded. Now, it seems that the only way to get any action is to get a lawyer and Lemon Law the car. Thanks to this experience, I will never purchase another Chrysler product or deal with Medina Auto Mall. It is almost 2016 and I still cannot get them to fix my 2014. In order to trade the car in, I would have to take it to an independent mechanic and pay out of my own pocket to have it fixed before it would be acceptable as a trade in. Not to mention, I would loose about half of the worth of the car trading it in. Personally, I would avoid this dealership like the plague. They do not stand behind the products they sell and have the worst customer service I have ever experienced anywhere.

Very smooth purchase

jimitch23 on 08/17/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

I had negotiated online for a new Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, after finding a model with the features and color that I was seeking. They offered me a model at a very fair price below MSRP, when other dealerships would not do so. The deal was made over the website, followed up by attachments and signatures and down payment. When I arrived from out of town, the vehicle was ready to go. All paperwork was ready, and in 45 minutes, I was out the door with my new Renegade. The process was hassle free, smooth and professionally handled.

Just plain dishonest

scootr68 on 07/08/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 3.0 Pricing: 2.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Steer clear of this dishonest slimy dealer. In my 46 years I've never had what happened to me today happen. Drove 40 mins to test drive a used 2004 Ram. I even called ahead to make sure it was there. Long of the short we waited 2.5 hours at the dealer only to be told someone had put a deposit on it the night before and it was no longer for sale. Dealerships wonder why people think they're the xxxx of the earth. This was unethical and a total disregard for our time. The salesman john g. agreed this was very screwed up but says to me all dealerships do this...huh??? If this is how you treat your customers I will make it my mission to spread the word of just how bad you treat your customers. This is inexcusable! This dealership is the epitome of why they get the stereotype of being liars and cheats. Forgot to add...the truck was there for us to test drive, which we did for about 20 mins. I'm sure whoever put down the deposit will love that I test drove it for them...that is if this dealer even had a deposit on it. I'm guessing someone decided to pay their asking price rather than the price we had negotiated with them. I'm guessing management sets the tone, sounds like either he/she doesn't know what's going on or simply condones and promotes these practices. After seeing other reviews it seems I'm not alone in my thinking. Avoid this stealership at all costs. There's still some reputable ones out there...just not these xxxxxxxxx.

I was handed lemons, and Mr. Darrell Liebe made lemonade!

crews68 on 05/28/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 4.0 Pricing: 4.0 Overall Experience: 4.0

I was browsing the lot as my husband had his car in for a recall, when a salesman approached me. (Mr. Gunner) I advised him I was just browsing and I already had a salesman I had dealt with a few years back but I couldn't remember his name. The salesman never looked up my salesman and began his sales pitch. The vehicle had a dead battery so we test drove one that was suppose to be just like it. He stated he could give me a really good deal on the car so I told him to make it happen. We were supposedly making it happen on a Friday. I heard from him on Monday when he gave me the prices and ask me if we had a deal, I told him yes but I could not get there til Tuesday because I had meetings after work on Monday and would not get home til after 8pm. They close at 9pm. He advised if I did not come after 8pm, the deal was off! I had been at work since 8am! I got out of the meeting at 8pm! and drive the hour to Medina to pick up the car since he insisted I HAD to come or else. I get there and he isn't even there, he left the car with the DEAD battery in it. I couldn't even test drive it that day and I was there to take it home! I was told it would not be going home with me after all. I was very upset because here it was after 9 pm, I had over a 45 minute drive to get home. I had my daughter with me and it was way way past her bedtime. I ask another salesman if it was possible to look at who I had used several years ago, (I couldn't remember his name) he stated he could do that, and he brought me in to see him. From that point on, I told them I would ONLY buy a car from Mr. Darrell Liebe because he gave us great service prior and that was who I wanted originally. I was NOT going to buy from the other salesman, Mr. Gunner, as he dropped the ball on me and was ready to walk out of that dealership had I not found Mr. Liebe. Mr. Liebe handled the situation with courtesy and professionalism. He handled it so great that we bought 2 vehicles from him that day! I will go back to Medina Auto Mall but only if Darrell Liebe is there to take care of us. And from this day forward I will NOT forget his name :) Thank you, Mr. Liebe for making lemonade from the lemons I was given!!! Sincerely, Marie A.


cargirl on 04/16/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

I had been working with a salesman on buying a car at this dealership. I was planned to go down on a monday night to buy the vehicle. It just so happens that even though they RAN MY CREDIT and I offered to put a deposit down on the vehicle they sold the vehicle from underneath me! When trying to speak to a manager about the poor ethics of this salesman my call was returned by three different people who said they would check into the situation, three days later still no call back. HORRIBLE customer service HORRIBLE ethics HORRIBLE dealership. I would not take a car from these people if they gave it to me for free!


paintr7 on 08/20/2014

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 3.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Just got my ram3500 laramie back from service for the third time in as many weeks. Never thought a small leak at the corner of a transmission pan would be an apparent overwhelming project for this group of "shade tree mechanics". They did however do a great job of transferring generous amounts of grease and grime from their filthy shop onto my interior. After tightening bolts on the first visit, and removing and resealing the pan on the second visit, I suggested the possibility of a warped pan from being overtightened at the factory. I think because I don't wear a blue shirt with my name on it, I wasn't taken seriously. On the third visit, which was a 2 day ordeal, they removed and reinstalled the transfer case and extension housing. STILL LEAKS! My next visit will be to a dealership with a more professional group of people that will hopefully resolve this problem by replacing my obviously defective transmission pan.

Medina Auto Mall was incompetent to diagnose their poorly...

Regular-Guy on 12/02/2012

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Medina Auto Mall was incompetent to diagnose their poorly engineered products. They charged me over $100 tell me what I already knew - that my van was broke but they didn't know why, and then wanted $800 to guess a what it would take to fix our van. I had to call multiple times to get to a manager who wasn't authorized to do anything except sell me. I wasted an entire weekend dealing with them.


Mileage: 152341

Color: Green

Transmission: Manual

Body Style: SUV

City: Medina, OH

Engine Type: 3.8L V-Shaped


Mileage: 20599

Color: Black

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: SUV

City: Medina, OH

Engine Type: 2L In-Line


Mileage: 70801

Color: Green

Transmission: 8 speed Automatic

Body Style: SUV

City: Medina, OH

Engine Type: 3.6L V-Shaped

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