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Customer Service: 2.6 Quality Of Work: 2.4 Friendliness: 2.9 Pricing: 2.2 Overall Experience: 2.3

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madlady on 06/24/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Don't go to these guys!! I go in to buy a Challenger that was used and so they show me what its blue book is. They show me 33,000 so I am like hey not bad little did I know that was all bs and the car was only worth about 26000! I go to re-fi at a bank to get a lower rate and what you know I am upside down 12,000 bucks! Now you tell me how they got a bank to finance a car for that with out misrepresenting the value of the car to the bank! I will now be calling the finace company and telling them all about the fraud this dealership is committing to consumers!

Not worth the drive

Brizzo5685 on 05/04/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 2.0 Pricing: 2.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

This dealership is very unprofessional. I enquired about a vehicle for sale that they posted on cars. Com got a call from a sales person and was offered to come a test Drive.. I show up all the from Katy for them to tell me they don't have the car, that it was sent to auction. Why advertise a vehicle that your gonna send to auction.... What a waste of time and gas.... I should have read the reviews in the dealership before going... I'm reading a lot of terrible reviews.... O well fool me once.....


briansmith76044 on 05/02/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

DO NOT BUY FROM HERE! I found a used, one owner SUV on their lot. Spoke with Brian G. after he responded to my inquiry. Over a couple of days we emialed, text, and spoke on the phone. He told me how he personally looked over the car and it looked new as the previous owner must of taken very good care of it. I informed 2 days prior to my arrival, for me to look at the car. I get there, the car is pulled to the front, however the first thing I see is the huge scratch down the passenger side of the car. Brian G. insists it can be covered with touch up paint. Not only am I extremely disturbed by his reaction, but what part of "like new" is this scratch. He insisted it showed up in the pictures online, as well as his "boss" when he arrived later. And once you saw the car in person and knew what you were looking at, that scratch did show in the pictures, but if you had previous knowledge before making a near 3 hour drive, I would of not been there to begin with. Furthermore, the car only had a generic valet key, to which the make and trim level was most definetly sold with 2 keyless entry remote/key combinations. I would know, as I have a car the same year and make as this one. To which Brian G. tells me are not a true necessity and while that may be true in reality, does not reign true when I'm purchasing a new car. I also checked back at the internet listing and sure enough "Keyless Entry" was listed. Sure its available after you take the car bake to the Honda shop and pay $250 or more for them to make and program a new one!!!!The interior was also dirty, as in not only did they not bother to vacuum the car out, but the back seats and the cloth arm rests in the front were thoroughly soiled! To which the "boss" replies that he could have it cleaned while I wait. Ummm, I had driven 3 hours and no intentions on "waiting" for anything. Thats why I knew what I was paying and had the funds ready to go. I was simply to take delievery of this "one owner, like new suv" that did not exist on their lot!


KIZZLE on 04/06/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

If I could give a negative review I would. I was informed that I had a recall on something on my car so I called to make an appointment 2 weeks ago. I was told it would take the day to fix it . I informed them of my work hours, Robert said there was a shuttle to get me to and from work. Cool. so I set my appointment time for 720 am. got there and dropped the car off. I was told to sit in the waiting area to wait for the shuttle. at 8am someone came and asked who was waiting for the shuttle, we all went to the van and got in. The driver asked where we were all going. I was the only one going somewhere other than Georgetown, So i was informed that I would be dropped off last. I got to work 45 minutes late...I asked the driver if he would be the one picking me up at 5:25pm? he said "oh no we don't shuttle that late" and that I needed to call my service advisor . I called him and he proceeded to tell me that the latest I could be picked up was 4pm. I informed him of our conversation 2 weeks ago when I had told him of my work hours and he stated that I never said anything about my hours and if I had he would have told me that the shuttle didn't run that late. I was like you have to be kidding me!! I got off the phone and called to speak to the manager of service. 3 hrs later got a call from Brian who had Robert in his office with me on speaker. I proceeded to explain the issue, and Robert said - I've worked here for 9 years, I would never tell you that, I said " well you did, had you told me this before hand I might have been able to make arrangements but now I'm stuck." Brian then told me " ma'am the shuttle is a courtesy and the latest we could get you is 4pm.". And all I could think was - I wonder if their boss would be OK with them coming in late to work then leaving an hour and a half early!! Probably not! but thats what they are thinking will fly with my job!?! then he said - you can get a taxi or uber..I told them this was deplorable customer service and then they sat there saying nothing , complete silence.. i was like. ok. thanks for the call!! So I called the Mac Haik corporate office in Houston and was told I needed to speak to Terry Fields, I called Him and was informed that he was out but the woman , Caroll , who answered the phone gave me the name of the GM at the dealership , Eric, and stated she was emailing him to let him know that I would be calling him. I called him and left a voice mail, He called me back about 30 minutes later, I explained to him how everything went down , how I was basically called a liar and told there was nothing they could do or were willing to do for that matter, he apologized and said they were human and they make mistakes but that's not the way they conduct business. He will speak to them about it and they can learn from it and he hopes that they will be able to have my business in the future... in the end My husband STILL had to get off work early to go get the car and then come get me.. No , you will not be getting my business again..

Used Vehical Service

Steve Zacarias on 08/18/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

I purchased my vehical from Mac Haik with a big smile on my face. Sales were not pushy nor dis-respectful, they were just all great. Negotiation quick and I faired on the better half, I would recomment for a excellent car buying experience go to Mac Haik and get a new/used car.

Discourteous Liars!

whasamatau on 06/04/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

I called and spoke to Dion (The Liar) about a 4runner I wanted to buy. I asked whether it was still available. I did not want to drag my family several towns over if there was no way to look at it. He said "I know for a fact it is because it was just finished being detailed and were not able to show it to others while it was being worked on." We drove to the site and asked to look at it. He looked around and dragged us to another lot finally giving up and saying "it is locked in this building". I told him I was unhappy, and the whole reason I called ahead was to avoid this type of situation. This I find discourteous and unprofessional but still made a point to wake up early the next day (I work nights) upon opening and here is where it gets really bad.. I arrived and spoke to another salesperson. He also said it was available and went to go retrieve it. I noticed he grabbed Dion the liar on the way out of the building and they disappeared for a while. When they got back they said they would have to find out if it was ready to be showed (this was why I had called in the first place). I was standing outside and Dion the liar came swaggering out the door saying "I told you" to which I cut him off and said I prefer not to work with you after you lied to me. He puffed up and got in my face and said it was my fault for not calling him back (I called once, I should not have to call back and say i am leaving now). I tried to tell him why what he did was rude and disrespectful, but instead of listening he puffed up more and acted like he was going to hit me, so I said I am done talking to you, I need to the speak with a manager. After some waiting, the "manager" came over and did not even want to hear what happened. He did not even let me speak before saying "we do not want to sell you a car". I was very taken aback. I had never been treated so rudely before and could not beleive what was happening. I can only guess that Dion once again lied, this time about what I wanted to discuss with management. I drove my car across the street to the main 'new car' dealership and asked to speak with a manager there. I explained the situation and told him I could not believe the way I was being treated. I never once lost my cool or was disrespectful to the staff. He asked me to wait in the waiting area for a minute while he made some calls.. When he called me back over, he said "the 4runner was never available."Please take my warning seriously and avoid these guy's like the plague. If they seem nice and courteous they are probably lying their xxxxx off in order to take advantage of you in some way. They are discourteous liars and probably thieves too.W

Run! Run to a different dealership!

Michael T on 03/09/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

As of this moment I would say stay clear of this dealership. Reason being management has no issue with lying to you while looking you in the eye. Keith, a sales manager, presented with a fairly straightforward question was unable to find it in himself to be honest. When repeatedly asked who the General Manager of the dealership was (I already knew it wasnt him) he repeatedly claimed that it was himself. This conversation was recorded. I have since left him a VM giving him the chance to prove that he and is dealership can indeed be trusted. We shall see what he chooses to do. In the event that he conts down the path of zero customer service and lying to his customers, I will then post the a detailed account of my shopping experience. FYI the real General Manager's first name is Scott.Also as of right now stay clear of Don Phillips. Sales man with no back bone or integrity. When told his text messages would be made public...proving just what kind of customer service he offers...this is his response "I have check in to this and have the legal right to not give you permission to post my personal info and text on social media. So I am using that right to say do not post my personal info and text on social media." Whatcha got to hide Don? First off Don, you dont have a right to tell me not to post it. You were texting in the capacity of conducting businesses. Not protected unless stated at the onset of our communication. Check your facts. Again...if in the end neither Keith nor Don decide to put the customer first and start being honest. I will then post a very detailed outline of what these two have put me and my credit through. Time will tell what kind of men they are.

New Dodge Dart is constantly in service

gypsykendall on 01/12/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

1. The tablet dashboard display kept dying and had to be replaced2. The SERVICE AIRBAG light kept coming on, and had to be serviced three times in one year.3. The battery had to be replaced at 13K miles4. My 1st Inspection at 14,355 mi has failed 4 times and there is no end in sight. I contacted the manufacturer a week one has phoned back.This DODGE DART LIMITED EDITION is a lemon and I feel like Dodge Service is not helping me, just eating up all my time, mileage, and gas. HELP!

My husband and I were looking for a truck to pull a fifth...

ssolis on 09/30/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

My husband and I were looking for a truck to pull a fifth wheel with. We did our research on trucks and knew a Dodge was right for us. We found great inventory with Mac Haik Georgetown and went in for a test drive. We worked with James White and he was immediately friendly and helpful. He answered all of our questions and was very knowledgeable of the 3500. We also had help from Jose Martinez who was willing to work with us and ended up making us a great deal. Everything ran really smoothly and everyone from the finance dept (who were great!) to the front desk were attentive and overall really welcoming. I would definitely recommend this dealer to anyone. Felt great to drive away with a beautiful new truck.

Absolutely one of the best car buying experience if not...

mpallanez on 09/12/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

Absolutely one of the best car buying experience if not the best I've ever had. My Internet Relations contact John Dotson introduced my salesman, Matt Fasthorse , whom was very patience & showed me a couple of Jeeps in order to let me get exactly what I was looking for. The negotiation process was smooth, thanks to General Sales Manager Chris Carstens. The finance piece was excellent as well thanks to Pierce Brown. I recommend buying from this dealership!! I strongly recommend you ask for Matt. Be surprised to meet a very polite, courteous young man who is eager to help!

This was the worst experience of my life. Not only did...

DB83 on 08/22/2012

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

This was the worst experience of my life. Not only did that hugely inflate my parent to throw in extras I stated I was not interested in, they tried to force me to sign. They literally would not return my car keys until I made a deal. 2 weeks after walking out on them, I found out they had sent my credit to 8 banks and created 8 new inquiries. This dropped my score 40 points! They were doing this still 2 weeks after I told them I was not buying. And when asked if there would be multiple inquiries, they bold face lied to me and said it would only be one initial credit pull and no more. They have basically ruined my credit, tried to force me to sign at a payment I can't afford, and when they realized I was no longer a sale they stopped returning phone calls. Even when I called to ask why they are still pulling my credit. They are scam artists and cheats. Oh smd their prices are massively inflated anyways. They will say they no longer have a less expensive vwhicle so they can throw you into a model 5k more expensive. Then you look on the lot and the less expensive model is there. NEVER EVER GO HERE!!!

Dont waste your time, just stay away. I had been...

klr003 on 08/19/2012

Customer Service: 1.0 Friendliness: 3.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Dont waste your time, just stay away.I had been looking around for a 2012 challenger for a while and had found one in the paper at Mac Haik. When I got there it was no longer there(I know dealers only have one listed in the paper at the sales price and when its gone its gone. No big deal I get). So I was talking to the sales person about what I was wanting and at what price I need to be at. He told me that there was nothing on the lot that they could do at that price (still not big deal). I gave him my info and told him to call me if something came along. So about a week later I get a call that they have a car in at my price, unfortunately I was not able to come in due to being out of town. 2 weeks after that I get another call that they still have the car at my price and his sales manager is looking to move some cars this weekend (normal car salesmen speech). So I call and set up a time to come in. so I get there take and take the car out, get in it and the seatbelt doesnt work nor does the entry button (stuff they can fix but still). After that we sat down to start the paper work, he hands me a piece of paper with the price and its over $4000 more than what we had agreed on (the only reason I had come in) also higher than the price listed online. I tell him that is not the price we talked about; he says oh what price did I tell you again. Goes and comes back with his sales manager, to tell me that there is no way that they can do that, so if I wanted the car I would have to pay more. Save yourself some time and dont go to Mac Haik.

I didn't buy a car here, but I will when I get ready to...

JasmineCopper on 10/14/2011

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

I didn't buy a car here, but I will when I get ready to make my decision. I told them up front that I wasn't buying a car that day, and they treated me just as well if not better than if I had a check in my hand. I was looking at the new Jeep Grand Cherokee and my sales person, Kayla, seemed to know just about everything there was to know about them. I was rather impressed. She was like a talking brochure and very nice. On my way out the manager, Mike (?), introduced himself and asked if I had gotten all of the information I needed to help me make a decision later on. I thought that was pretty cool. He didn't try to hard sell me anything, which I appreciated. He asked me at the end if I had a good shopping experience to share it with the 'internet community', which I thought was neat. I've never been much of a product or service reviewer, but since they were so nice to me, I thought I could at least write this, even though I didn't buy anything. I will definitely be back :)

Finalizing the paper work for the car went horribly wrong...

cgarza on 06/21/2011

Customer Service: 4.0 Quality Of Work: 4.0 Friendliness: 3.0 Pricing: 2.0 Overall Experience: 3.0

Finalizing the paper work for the car went horribly wrong when i noticed the mileage on the car was not what the sales person told me. An extra 1000 miles was on the car. I was not happy and at the end of a long day at the dealership- did they really expect me to accept this? Wondering if i should sign my papers the sales lady said that she would throw in 4 free oil changes. Reluctantly and still not happy i signed the paperwork. Yes about 8pm i finally got to go home with my car. Now 2yrs later i am still mad about the whole situation since i have gone into the dealership to receive my oil changes and every time they say that i do not have credit for them. I am so angry and feel like they ripped me off again. They told me i had and expiration on the oil changes.This is not true because i was not told this at the signing of the papers. Plus, the free oil changes was a -promise- from them for lying to me on the mileage and it was hand written into my contract.I will never buy a car from them again. Next time I am taking my contract in to them. Now the third time -really just give me what you promised to me.I bought your car. Guess since i signed the papers and drove off the lot they do not care about keeping there word. The sales and repair shop guys have told me different stories every time. I do not believe it is their fault-they are always nice to me.It is the company i am mad at. Not sure what to do now. except -to tell everyone not to buy from them.


Mileage: 5641


Transmission: 8-Speed Automatic Overdrive

Body Style: Sedan

City: Georgetown, TX

Engine Type: V6


Mileage: 207244


Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic Overdrive

Body Style: SUV / Crossover

City: Georgetown, TX

Engine Type: I6


Mileage: 18282


Transmission: Continuously Variable Automatic

Body Style: Sedan

City: Georgetown, TX

Engine Type: 4 Cylinder

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