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salesman Michael Secules was very friendly & knowledgeable'

sportage,mary123 on 12/01/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

Reallyl enjoy our Kia Sportage, Love the room and how it handles so well on the road. Has lots lots of room for passengers and items we need to carry and anylarge purchases we make. definetly thinking of getting another Kia when our lease is up.

Poor Customer Service in Service and Parts.

Cherry5000 on 06/07/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Friendliness: 2.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Got a quote for Ball joint replacement from KIA of East Syracuse on Thursday of $179. I asked if included parts and labor and he said "Included everything." Sounded really great, but they told me I had to purchase the part from Parts department. Part was $95. After some calculation I figured the cost of labor was about $80. Called on Friday to reconfirm from manager. Manager was on vacation and talked to Bob. Bob told me "what ever was quoted was the price." asked him again to check. Answer "What ever was quoted, that's the price." Talked to the Manager, Sam Naples. He said Service was a separate entity and couldn't assist but would talk to the manager about it. Called on Monday talked with the Service manager Mike Knight. He said he could reduce the time from 1.5 hrs to 1 hr. That was the best he could do with a price from $195 to about $135. Called Parts Manager Pete Smith, and asked for a refund. Manager said "NO REFUND". Company policy. Talked to Sam again and he said Parts department is a separate entity and that the policy was set by Syracuse Auto Dealers Association(SADA). Called SADA and talked to Barbara, the Director. She told me that wasn't SADA policy and that KIA of East Syracuse was not a member in good standing with SADA and she has had problems with this dealership in the past.Called Driver's Village. SURPRISE SURPRISE! They told me the book hours for this job was ONLY 1 hour. The cost was $100.00. Policy on returned items, that were not special order,......100% guarantee return policy. So much for KIA of East Syracuse.Guess, from now on, with whom I am doing business.PLEASE do not take your car to KIA of East Syracuse.Now I know why it's called KIA (Killed In Action)

Good Experience

LexxiK on 05/16/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 4.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

My parents and I purchased a car for me as I am going off to school. We found car on website and made appointment to test drive. Salesperson was very friendly and helpful. Very easy to come to an agreement and we were in and out. Thank you!

By far the easiest car buying experience !

Rrcburns on 08/06/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Ed Perra was wonderful, he found me the perfect car at a great price!

awful service dept

alphabetsoup1949 on 07/16/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 3.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

had to have my car towed in the week of July 4th for a blown transmission hose. 700$. 3 days later, the car overheats again, and the a/c didn't work. brought the car back in ans was told it was a fuse and a fan. they are trying to say that the two are unrelated. other mechanics at other dealerships laughed at me and said they deff are. 700$ more for a fuse and a fan that should have been diagnosed the first time, and put myself , my kids and my family at risk while we drove our car. promised that they could fix it right away. so i continued to wait. shortly after they came back out to me to say they didn't have the hose and it would have to be overnight ed. promised my car by wed afternoon. waited all day for their call and finally, after 130 pm i got the call that the part did not come in, can would be fixed thurs. asked them to look at the trunk, since shortly after we bought it we had to bring the car in to fix the trunk lock due to manufacturer defect. now they are saying another 300 to fix that. the way you handled everything is awful and irresponsible and focused on anything but the client. the whole building is filled with excuses. i am beyond enraged. awful. just awful. be very careful if you bring your family car there. there is a good chance that you will be putting your family at risk, drained of money, and treated like the priority that you are not to them.

Thank you

Tamara P on 04/14/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 4.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

Thank you for bringing your great customer service and genuine kind hearted nature to what started as a horrible "car won't start" Monday. On a day when smiling seemed unlikely. You not only made me smile, but laugh, a lot. I brag about you ALL every chance I get. Thank you for being you. Never change, my friends at Kia of East Syracuse.Ten star rating

Pushy Unprofessional and down right rude

Lee on 03/20/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Buying Process: 1.0 Overall Facilities: 3.0

I only traveled an hour to Kia Of East Syracuse in response to a flyer I Received in the mail. Although the deal the offered me was ok there were a lot of reasons I left without buying a car. At first everything was ok I took a car for a test drive and talked a bit about the car then things took a turn for the worse when it came down to putting a deal together. The sales man came out with a preliminary offer that was not what I was looking for so I told him thanks but no thanks and got ready to leave and then he came back and said how about I have them run this and see if we can get a better deal so I agreed. The salesman assured me I was in good hands because the OWNER was working on this deal for me. The deal they came back with was ok but was not where we were trying to be payment wise so I said I needed to call my wife and discuss it with her. Together we decided to wait on any final decisions and discuss it later. When I told the salesman that I needed to wait until I talked a little more with my wife about it that's when things went wrong. He returned to the Office to tell the OWNER our decision the owner was very loudly complaining to the salesman and basically calling us idiots for not taking the deal. then the salesman came out and said ok give him a call later to let him know what we decide. I got in my car to leave and out came the sales man trying to guilt me into the deal telling me how the owner had to call in all kinds of favors to get me the deal and its a great offer and so on. The customer service was pushy, unprofessional, and down right rude. I will never shop here again and definitely will not be referring a friend.

I wanted to let everyone know if they have interest in...

newkiadriver on 10/19/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

I wanted to let everyone know if they have interest in buying or leasing a new Kia, then this is the dealership I highly recommend to all. My wife and I have been searching for a new car for quite a while doing research on different makes and models. We decided to check out the new 2013 Kia Optima EX at Kia of East Syracuse. We met with Michael Secules and he is by far the BEST salesperson one could possibly want to deal with. He was very knowlegable, polite, courteous and was always there to answer any questions we may have. After test driving the vehicle, plus being very comfortable with the option package, handling, comfort and overall smooth ride we then knew this was what we wanted. When it came to negiotating the purchase there was NO pressure from Mike and he was always there if we had unanswered questions. We also met the Sales manager, Jerry Orendorf, and he also was a big part in us securing our purchase. Again, he is by far the BEST sales manager I've ever spoken with. Very friendly, courteous, and professional. He also was there for any questions we needed addressed. When we arrived at the dealership to pick up our new Kia it gleamed so clean I was reluctant in getting in it afraid I would get it dirty. Before departing the dealership the staff went over all the safety features, options, and how to use all the knobs, buttons, and bluetooth device. As I drove it away I said to myself, that I would not have had a clue what all these gadgets where for without the knowledgable, professional, courteous staff at Kia of East Syracuse. So, as a last reminder to all, if interested in purchasing a Kia please stop by and visit with the great staff and our sales associate Michael Secules. You'll be glad you did! Thank you....Ed & Elizabeth Emmons

I had my car towed to Kia of East Syracuse for service on...

saugusty on 04/04/2012

Customer Service: 3.0 Quality Of Work: 3.0 Friendliness: 2.0 Pricing: 3.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

I had my car towed to Kia of East Syracuse for service on a Wednesday, i agreed to pay for all things which needed fixed. We ended up spending almost $700. 4 Days later my car stalled out on me again because the fuel line they replaced was not done properly and had come off. I had to call into work and have my car towed back to the dealership again. Im a teacher and it's not easy for me to call into work just an hour before. I asked the service employee i spoke with about using a dealer car so that i could get to work while they RE fix what they had not done properly the first time. They told me know and so I had to rent a car for just 5 hours, and still had to pay for a full day. I tried speaking with the owner about my story and ask very politely if they would be willing to reimburse me for my rental car and towing fees since i had to spend all this money because his service department failed to fix something properly the first time. After almost a week with no response he called me and gave me an extended list of reasons why he could not pay me back. These are just my MAIN reasons for not recommending this dealership, there are several other minor reasons that made my time with them an unpleasant one.

Looking for a lease on a Optima LX and came to the...

kiaesyrsuks on 09/30/2011

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Looking for a lease on a Optima LX and came to the agreement of 235.00 a mo. with 235.00 down.We left dealer to go home and think about it, decided to do it. Next day we call, they tell us, bring in the down payment and insurance info. We bring it in and go home and wait for a phone call, while they check our credit . We get a call from the salesman "you're all set", he also says bring in your plates. Now here we are thinking we are getting the car for the agreed price. So we make arrangements to sell the car to a private individual. We arrive at the dealers late afternoon with plates in hand. The plates are put on the car and we sit down to sign the paper work. At this point it went all downhill from here. Eduardo tells us that because we don't have tier one credit the payments will be 280.00 mo. Now not once was it mentioned to us that the payment would be changed. So here we are no old or new car. They assumed we would do the deal. Luckily we have a second car. We walked out never to do business with the "Bait and Switch" Kia EastSyracuse dealer again. Oh by the way the sales manager was rude and belligerent as well. When asked how will you sleep tonight knowing that she sold her car thinking we had a deal at 235.00 . His answer was "I'll sleep just fine. All I can say what an A-hole....


Mileage: 7

Color: Red

Contact seller for Transmission

Body Style: Other

City: East Syracuse, NY

Engine Type: 2.4L I4 181hp 175ft. lbs. 4 Cyli


Mileage: 0

Color: White

Transmission: 7-speed Double Clutch

Body Style: Other

City: East Syracuse, NY

Engine Type: 1.6L Turbo I4 175hp 195ft. lbs.


Mileage: 10

Color: Gray

Contact seller for Transmission

Body Style: Other

City: East Syracuse, NY

Engine Type: 2.4L I4 181hp 175ft. lbs. 4 Cyli

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