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Auntie 52 on 11/02/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

I recently got my 4th Subaru from Holmgren's. A used Forrester. It was just what I needed. I had a problem and brought it in for service. I talked with Manny and Jason. They set me up with Christine in service. Two weeks later I had another problem. Apparently not all automotive problems can be solved by adding 2 quarts of oil, which I did, then I brought the car back in. After draining the excess oil, Christine found what the problem was, Manny got me into a loaner. I was kept up to date on the progress of my repair. The cost was more reasonable than it would have been at a non Subaru garage.

Happy Customer

Laura on 10/23/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I had a lot of fear and stress about buying a new car, so I hesitantly visited Holmgren Subaru on a recommendation from my boyfriend. I was surprised not only at how easy the process was, but with how I was treated from the minute I walked through the door. Justin Cannady was very kind, patient, and knowledgable not only about the cars that he sells, but about the whole buying process in general. I walked in very nervous, and left very pleased with my experience...and in a car I love! I would highly recommend this dealership and Justin to anyone buying a car.


Happy customer on 10/08/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Friendliness: 2.0 Pricing: 2.0 Overall Experience: 2.0

From the moment I walked in I was not comfortable. The salesman accompanied me on every test drive and behaved as though I haven't been driving for 25 years with a perfect record. The price negotiated for the vehicle was fair at best and when we got to the point of valuing my trade in they gave me a price $3000 below kbb and made a show of calling around to auction houses to get me an extra $200, sufficed to say I walked out without a new vehicle and a bitter taste in my mouth. At another Subaru dealership the following week I was given full kbb trade in value and had a wonderful no pressure down right enjoyable buying experience.

Do your homework

soxfan77 on 05/27/2016

Customer Service: 3.0 Buying Process: 3.0 Quality Of Repair: 3.0 Overall Facilities: 3.0

Like any dealer, they're in business to make money, do your research, if you fall in love with a specific car, call them out, make them a offer, make you purchase on the last days of the month

Simply Super Subaru!

Bob and Caroline on 03/31/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

On a chilly day, my husband and I decided to "see what's out there" for a Subaru. We hadn't planned our visit to Holmgren, but we were in Norwich anyway and it was close by. We had struggled through snowy days with a front wheel drive vehicle and white knuckles, as we came to each stop light and turn, hoping not to slide. So we thought we'd check out the alternative. We were greeted by Jesse Nye, the friendliest and no pressure salesman we have ever met in a car dealership. As my husband and I talked with him, he impressed us with his knowledge, and also with his sense of humor and respect. When he learned through our conversation that my husband is a veteran, he thanked him for his service and sacrifice. He showed us the beautiful new Forester we ended up buying. The car really sells itself, but he won us over completely with his honesty and patience in explaining and demonstrating the vehicle's features. He had listened to my husband's concerns about transporting our grandchildren safely and informed us that Subaru offers options such as Eyesight, a feature which eliminates the obstructed view of blind spots. We also learned that this driver assist technology received the highest possible rating in tests. And though it was pretty cold out there, Jesse took his time answering my husband's questions about the engine and all that stuff under the hood men are typically interested in. When we went inside to discuss pricing and financing, we met the sales manager Jason Antoniou another friendly young man who said he wasn't in the business of wasting anyone's time. He said he would give us the best possible price for the Forester equipped with the features we wanted, and he did. We know this is true because our son bought a Forester elsewhere and paid more for it. It was time now to discuss financing and we were brought in to see Keith Nye who got us a better rate than our bank offered. Everyone we met at this establishment was great. We are also thankful to Angel, a very thoughtful guy who cleared the remaining snow off the Forester and had it warmed up completely for us before letting us into the vehicle. It's clear that this family owned business treats its staff and customers as family. The day we picked up our car, Jesse devoted a whole hour to demonstrating the many advanced features of the Forester to the two of us, neither one of us extremely tech savvy. When he realized our inexperience, he told us if there is anything we couldn't figure out, take a picture with our cell phone, email it to him with an explanation of what we don't understand, and he would contact us ASAP with the information. I guess he thought about what he was asking two electronically incapable people to do because he laughed and said "you might need your son to take care of that for you". This is the most fun we have ever had buying a car. We love our new Forester. It is a simply super Subaru!

Would not recommend.

JaneGray on 03/25/2016

Customer Service: 3.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 4.0 Pricing: 3.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

This dealer knew I wasn't an experienced car owner and took advantage. I paid fair price for a used car. When I picked it up there was so little gas in it that I had to drive to the gas station next door. It had a lot of road noise on the highway and it turns out they sold me a car that had three snow tires and one regular tire (illegal by the way, which I found out when I took it somewhere else). They provided only one key and no manual. I learned some lessons by buying my first car from a shady dealer. I blame myself (we learn as we go), but people should know to beware of this dealer.

Great Dealership

Pleased Buyer on 03/17/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I recently leased a 2016 Subaru with the help of the salesman, Justin. This is the second car I have leased with his help. I am very pleased with the knowledge and understanding of this dealership. Justin is so helpful and arranges for the best deal to fit my financial needs. I recommend people to this dealership and to seek Justin's help. I feel I can talk to Justin at any time to help with any questions I may have. I consider him as family!!

very happy with my subaru

new subaru fan on 03/07/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

Great experience buying my new subaru. Have never owned a subaru, nor had we ever been to the dealership before. My husband was so impressed, he plans to buy from Holmgren in the near future, too.

great sales

Lenny d on 02/25/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Justin in sales was great right to the point no playing games with managers just all around great experience he knows what it takes to sell cars with good customer service

Great place to buy a new car

JarradHWRX on 02/22/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

If you're looking for a new car Justin is the guy to see. Just purchased a 2016 WRX and couldn't be happier with the vehicle and experience. Highly recommend this dealership and salesman he will definitely take care of you.

First-time customer, great experience

Happy New Subaru Owner on 02/22/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

Easiest car buying experience ever. Having already found a car on their website that I wanted to test drive, the salesman, Justin Cannady, provided all the information necessary to make a decision in a respectful and no-pressure manner.

great service.

rebecca on 02/21/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

good customer service in sales as well as service.

No pressure sales, great service.

MillerZCT on 02/18/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

I was referred to Holmgren by a friend and I was very pleased by their knowledge and professionalism. My salesman, Justin Cannady was great, very knowledgable and really helpful in helping me find the right car and getting financing. Only knocked off a star from facilities because on my last service visit they were under construction. Though, the temporary waiting room was reasonable considering.

Awesome Dealership

Holmgren and Justin Cannady Fan on 02/16/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Went to Holmgren Subaru to talk over my options with Justin Cannady to trade in for new lease or buy. Justin went over with me the dollar amounts and discussed my options. We went outside and looked at new cars, which he explained all the features to me that were different than the Subaru I presently leased from Holmgren with Justin's help. When I first leased in 2013, Justin was so helpful with every detail, with all the compassion he gave me, it brought me back to lease one again 2/15/16, He gave me his cell phone number and told me if I ever heeded anything to call him. That is priceless!!! He told me I am like family!! I feel so welcome at Holmgren's. Everyone says hello and smiles.

I'm Happy

RWB John on 02/09/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 4.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

This is our 5th purchase from this dealer and I am very satisfied. The staff is pleasant, courteous and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Holmgren Subaru to my friends and family

Bought two 2012 Subarus in two weeks - excellent experience!

SubaruBob on 09/15/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

Bought a Forester for son going to California - he loves it! Then bought an awesome Outback Limited to replace my old LL Bean Outback (also bought at Holmgren in '03). Been buying and servicing thru Holmgren Subaru for twenty-five years and always very satisfied. Have highly recommended Holmgren to many friends and family over the years. Justin was fantastic to work with on these two recent acquisitions. Go and visit. Take a test drive. Trust in Justin to take great care in getting the right Subaru for you!

Bad Customer Service!!!

thejudge34 on 09/10/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 3.0 Pricing: 2.0 Overall Experience: 2.0

If you are looking for a used car I probably would not trust them. I on the other hand bought a new car and i love it! The price was fair, not great but fair. I wish I had more time but the car I wanted is hard to get and they go quick. I worked with Justin as a sales person and as a person he seems cool but upon getting to know him and Holmgren better its just a front they put on to get you in a car and get you out of their lives. My car has 600 miles on it and it broke down not even 1 week of ownership and it breaks. I call holmgren and one of the ladies I spoke with told me to call Subaru roadside assistance because there is nothing they can do. At first I was a little shocked by her attitude but in respect to her she was right in a way. Subaru brought the car to Bertera in East Hartford and after it got there I called Justin to ask what I should do his reply was that he didn't know he will talk to his manager and call me back. one week later still have not received a phone call and I tried calling him back twice but both times he was conveniently busy. They are an okay dealership and I wouldn't recommend them but if you do go there you may or may not get good service. I will be taking my car to Bertera from now on. Excellent service!!!! Bertera apologized for this even though it has not been there fault, they put me in a $70,000 rental car which was awesome and they have kept me updated every step of the way. They have been nothing but great to me and are very responsive and very productive. Holmgren is just one of those dealerships that has built there morals around money and greed and not the satisfaction of the customer. Highly disappointed in them and will not be returning to buy another Subaru and neither will anyone I know that asks for a recommendation.


Jude on 08/14/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

We didn't have much money but we needed to get a new car. Holmgren Subaru was recommended to us by a very reliable source so we went there. Jason worked with us and he was really proactive in helping us get just the right vehicle for our needs. He didn't recommend anything that was on the lot just them so he told us he would give us a call when the right vehicle did come in. He called and we went to see a 2000 Legacy Outback with well over 100,000 miles on it. It was in good shape, ran well, could take another 100,000 miles on it for Subarus are really well made cars. For the small amount of money we had this really was a great deal. That was four years ago and we still love our car. We have had to take it in for service a few times and the service was great to work with. They have always worked to help us out as much as possible with our low funds. I am really baffled at the people who say they had a hard time working with this dealership as in 4+ years, everyone from Sales to Service has been very helpful, friendly and given us the best customer service of any place I have ever worked with in my 61 years. I highly recommend both Holmgren Subaru and Subarus in general. They are a top pick for me and I recommend them to anyone looking for a car. They are surely the best dealership I have ever worked with!!

Good Service Department, Pleasant Sales Dept.

Alfred, Norwich on 05/26/2015

Customer Service: 4.0 Buying Process: 3.0 Quality Of Repair: 4.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

Its been three years since I bought my used vehicle, and everytime I visit, I am treated with respect and professionalism. I welcome anyone to visit Holmgren Subaru for a greeting from a pleasant staff, wether its Service, or Sales. Jason in Sales is a valuable asset, Kristen in Service is very pleasant.

great low pressure

jsh12 on 05/17/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Work: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

Great purchase experience - very straight forward no pressure. Enjoyed the whole atmosphere and they made the whole process fun. I would recommend them to anyone.

Do not trust them

whrreynolds on 12/06/2014

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Do not trust them. Car I purchased has had problems since day 1 and they have been zero help. Car no has a blown engine that will cost me 5K to replace.

Not worth the time

Hoodini on 04/15/2014

Customer Service: 1.0

Set up an appointment to test drive a car. When I got there the next day they had "sold the car" yesterday afternoon apparently after my phone call. I wish they could have called me since they had all my information and saved me the 45 minute drive. They didn't have anything else I could afford and didn't seem very eager to make a sale because of the price range we were looking at.


slamark139 on 04/07/2014

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

After getting into a car accident and totaling my car, I came to Holmgren Subaru after seeing a great 2011 Subaru legacy for a great deal on autotrader. I contacted them and scheduled an appointment, at first I was impressed with the friendliness of the staff and the deal I received on the car. I explained to them I was waiting on my insurance check to come in and it would be a little while. Maybe a week and a half. They understood and I placed a $100 hold on the car. I assumed all was well. Except they called me every single day....sometimes2-3 times a day. Even after I continued to explain I had no way to buy the car since I was still waiting for my check. I got so fed up I went to Dan Perkin's Subaru of Milford (a MUCH better dealership that I HIGHLY recommend). I told them about the car I was looking at and my sales person pulled up the service report. I was shocked to hear that this car had been in the shop over 7 times due to ELECTRICAL issues. It was not on the CarFax because it was covered under the vehicles warrenty. But the salesman Esteban just decided to not mention this to me regardless. I bought a vehicle from Dan Perksin's and called to get my $100 back. I have been calling for 2 weeks. Each time I have been met with serious attitude and disrespect. Pam the office manager told me "She doesn't know if my refund has been processed. Sometimes when a deal goes bad It takes a while." I can only assume this means when a deal doesn't go their way they hold people's money as hostage or revenge. Needless to say I have requested to speak to a higher up manager and if my money is not refunded to me by the end of the day tomorrow, I will be contacting the better business bureau. DO NOT COME HERE

worst car diller dont go there do not buy car ther the...

olsi on 09/18/2013

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

worst car diller dont go there do not buy car ther the service departament is bad check the raviues on the internet dhey dont know what the doing in ther

Happy Farmer

Oysterlady on 07/27/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

The folks at Holmgren are super nice. I traveled from Long Island to look at a vehicle. They made the buying process easy. They were fair and trustworthy.

I bought a vehicle from this dealership at a fair price,...

coleynavarro on 01/03/2013

Customer Service: 4.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

I bought a vehicle from this dealership at a fair price, they had told me the car did not get into any accidents and I would not need a carfax. Within 2 days I had to return twice because of the same problem, the fog lights did not work when I brought the car home, after going back and getting the bulbs replaced I had to return again because they completely shattered (they put the wrong bulbs in because they did not have them in stock) Last winter I had to replace the head gasket $1100 AND the fuel injector $400. I returned from the shop today because my wheel bearing and my tire rod went $588. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. All of these problems happened within 2 years of buying the vehicle, I have done nothing but baby this car, there mechanics are hacks!!! I also have a friend that bought a car there and it stopped working after 2 years. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

Please read my whole review, it goes from good to bad - ...

SatinWhiteWRX2012 on 11/13/2012

Customer Service: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Please read my whole review, it goes from good to bad -I bought a WRX from Holmgren this past June & worked with salesman Jason Antoniou. He gave me an excellent price & gave me the value I needed for my trade in. The transaction was nice and easy and I had no complaints. I referred a friend to Jason who was looking for an Impreza less than a week after my purchase. I told my friend hed get a great deal which he did resulting in another quick sale for Jason.Im leaving this review now because of my most recent Holmgren experience. I had another friend who was looking to purchase a WRX recently this past October. I contacted Jason to let him know about another easy sale for him and that he should contact my friend asap. He replied saying thanks for the email and that hed make sure something is sent out to me as a thank you for the 2 referrals. He contacted my friend that evening and that was it. Over the next several days both myself and my friend emailed Jason but we were never responded to. The gift he said hed make sure was sent never arrived. I was also told by Jason via email that my 1st service appointment would be on him when I originally bought my WRX. That wasnt the case when I brought my car into Holmgren for service recently. I even emailed Jason before the appointment asking if hed still honor what he had said and he never replied.I dont know why Jason wouldnt respond to my emails the 3rd time around or respond to my friends emails but its left a real sour taste in my mouth with him and the dealership. I know he received them so the only thought I can think of is that they were blatantly ignored. I also find it very unprofessional to offer mailing me a gift for the 2 referrals as well as a free 1st service appointment when I bought my WRX and then never follow through on either. I know these salesmen get busy but if you say youre going to do something then you should follow through and do it otherwise your word is no good. I didnt ask for either of these things, they were offered by Jason which he never followed through with.

Thank you for saving me and my car

Maria on 10/20/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

after visiting another Subaru dealership and getting a estimate for repairs I went to Holmgren for a second opion and what a surprise to find a honest dearership! They showed me what my car realy needed and it saved me hundreds of dollars. Jerry and his staff are wonderful.

Wanted to get a new vehicle but Subaru didn't want to...

Princess27 on 05/24/2012

Customer Service: 3.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 4.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

Wanted to get a new vehicle but Subaru didn't want to sell one apparently because they didn't work very hard or make it seem like they even cared about making a sale!!!! Thanks but I'll go elsewhere. There are plenty of dealerships who want my business!!

This was by far the BEST car buying experience we could...

myreview2 on 12/27/2011

Customer Service: 5.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 5.0 Overall Experience: 5.0

This was by far the BEST car buying experience we could ever have! No games, no pressure, no BS, just great price and service. JASON ANTONIOU was a dream to work with, honesty and integrity in a relaxed atmosphere! Who knew you could find that at a dealership. Even the finance manager, no idiotic fees to argue over. Jeff Reck processed us on pick up and was also great to work with. All in all, a PURE PLEASURE doing business at Holmgren Subaru in Franklin, CT.

online infomation

Bobobear on 05/24/2011

Customer Service: 1.0 Overall Facilities: 3.0

I went to search for a vehicle online and found a car that i was interested in. The website asked me if i wanted to be contacted and I replied with all the proper info. I was never contacted. They either dont care about online people or the online salesperson is lacking in his/her job!


Mileage: 38007

Color: WHITE

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: Minivan

City: North Franklin, CT

Engine Type: 6 Cyl


Mileage: 42821

Color: GRAY

Transmission: Continuously Variable Transmissi

Body Style: Crossover

City: North Franklin, CT

Contact seller for Engine Type


Mileage: 43880

Color: GREEN

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: SUV

City: North Franklin, CT

Engine Type: 4 Cyl

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