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Exceptional Customer Service

Love my Fusion! on 06/13/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

We drove 1 1/2 hours to buy from Brenengen. We had been looking for a newer Ford Fusion for 1 1/2 months and Brenengen beat all of our local dealers prices everytime! When we arrived Gene meet us in the parking lot right away. He was patient in answering all of our questions regarding the Hybrid Fusions, as well as the 1.5 turbo. Once we decided on our car, time was of the essence as we had to return home quickly. Gene and the team at Brenengen were very considerate of our time and made sure that the paperwork and car detailing were completed in timely fashion! We were on our way home and have been very pleased with our purchase...we would definitely buy from Brenengen again!

Super Buying Experience and Troy Ziegler

Larry and Alycia Hoyer on 05/15/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

This is the second Ford F150 that we have purchased from Troy. He is an excellent sales person, very helpful, and can answer any questions that you might have. Brenengen Ford has very fair pricing, friendly staff and provides a great atmosphere. We are super pleased with our new truck and would recommend Troy and the dealership as one of the best. We will not buy a vehicle anywhere else!!!!

Great Car Buying Experience

Jen and Matt on 02/12/2016

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

We had been looking online for some time trying to find a vehicle that was right for us. We had been getting the run around from many other dealerships. We looked on Brenengen Ford's website (the Sparta location) and seen a great priced Fusion and wondered why it was so cheap and figured we better go take it for a test drive. We went there-loved it and spoke with Scott Siver and he explained all the ins and outs of everything. I didn't feel like he was trying to be a salesman but rather a person who was looking out for our best interest. A real person we could be friends with; with a great sense of humor! He even showed us how everything worked! I definitely would recommend anyone who is looking to buy a vehicle go to Brenengen Ford in Sparta and speak with Scott Siver!

Scott Siver Review

Brian Snodgrass on 12/25/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Scott was very attentive, answered all my questions and was very patient with my lack of knowledge with the product.

Looking for a car

Joseph Baker on 12/22/2015

Customer Service: 1.0 Buying Process: 1.0

IF you are looking for a car on the internet, do not use Brenegan. Evidently the internet sales guy is related to the owners and does not seem to care. I have tried twice to get information of vehicles, and have not recieved any feedback.

Perfect car buying experience.

Bill Swartout on 09/01/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Wow, this was just about the best car buying experience that one can have. Great price, proper trade-in valuation, and the whole deal went smooth as silk. My sales rep, Gene Von Ruden, knows his products inside and out, explaining every feature and option. Very friendly, professional, and everything that he said would happen in the background, did happen. Gene demonstrated excellent customer service skills and made it easy for me to make a decision. No question was left unanswered. My thanks to Gene and the entire staff at Brenengen Ford. To quote a famous movie character, "I'll be back".

Brenengen Ford, Gene Von Ruden

Nate H. on 08/28/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0

Gene Von Ruden and all the staff were very professional. There was no pressure to buy and Gene was very informative in explaining the details about the car we were looking at. The Price was best I could find and purchasing was a snap. I will always look here first when looking for my next vehicle!

Brenengen Ford and Gene Von Ruden

Karen Powell on 07/16/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Gene Von Ruden worked with me and my husband on buying 2 trucks. We first found a F350 dually for my husband. Gene was instrumental in keeping us updated as the truck was a '99 and needed some repairs before it could leave the dealership. He kept us abreast on how things were going and let us know the second we could pick it up and "make the deal". It was smooth and painless! I was also looking for a truck. However, we had to sell my husbands old truck first. It took 3 months to the day for us to get his truck sold. Gene knew what I was looking for and let us know whenever he found a truck that would suit my needs. Never, was it out of my price range, color, style, etc. As luck would have it, we sold the old truck Saturday, Gene called with a "find" on Monday! I looked at the truck on Tuesday morning and was informed there was an offer pending financing on it. UGH! I called Gene and informed him they (the Tomah location) would know more later that morning. Before I even made it home Gene called with good news.........the financing fell through for that potential buyer! Gene touched base with me several times throughout the day to let me know how things were going on his end. It need an inspection, did the bank get his paperwork for the offer, etc. etc. To make a long story short, I picked the truck up today and I am thrilled! It is exactly (actually more) than what I had expected! Gene took his time and went over every bell and whistle on the truck with me and there are A LOT of bells and whistles on my new (to me) F250 Lariat PLATINUM! He answered all my question and told me to call with any questions. I believe we have found our dealership for life! Thank you Gene!!!! Karen Powell

2014 Mustang GT Convertible

JT on 05/16/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

We bought our Mustang GT from Matt Welch. What a pleasure to do business with. No pressure, friendly, and knowledgeable. And came in on his day off to finish the deal. We live over 2 hours away and it was the only day we could make it (sorry Matt). From beginning to end, everything went smooth and no hassles. I highly recommend Matt and Brenengens. Thanks to all that made this easy.

Very Satisfied Repeat Customer

SaderConstruction on 03/09/2015

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I have purchased several vehicles from Brenengen over the years. They have always met my expectations of customer service. Matt Welch is our salesman at the Sparta Ford location and will continue to be. He is very polite, professional, and knowledgeable. If I did not find the vehicle that met my needs on the lot, he made sure to search until he found exactly what we wanted. He goes above and beyond to meet our needs. The Brenengen buildings are always very clean and make you feel comfortable. I have always enjoyed discounted oil changes in return of purchasing my vehicles from them. Thanks for making my vehicle buying experiences easy!

Very Good Experience

Missy on 08/01/2014

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

This was my second purchase from a Brenengen dealership, really because of the one-price concept. I hate the pressure of trying to negotiate a selling is the worst part of buying a car. I also feel I was given a fair trade in price for my beloved Focus, though three months later I am still thoroughly happy with my Escape! One note, I went with the "Simonizing"and it does not make the smushed bugs come off easier...those things are still stuck on like glue!

2008 Ford Edge

Kim on 04/07/2014

Customer Service: 4.0 Buying Process: 4.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Very easy people to work with. I saw this Edge online and when I inquired about it the salesman was right there, even walking around the car with his phone taking pictures and telling me everything that he saw. I had been looking for quite a while and this car was just what I wanted and priced below similar listings. We drove 189 miles to purchase this car and based on my drive home it is all I could have hoped for. The salesman had the car cleaned, new brakes and the oil changed when we picked it up. All and all a pleasurable experience.

Wonderful Dealership

Jackie on 01/05/2014

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

We bought a Ford Edge in September of 2013 at the Tomah dealership. Loved the Tru Discount pricing. Marty Murphy was our salesperson. He was very helpful and professional. After looking at other dealerships for a few months, we knew immediately that this was the place we would be buying our vehicle. Love our Ford Edge. When we want to buy another vehicle, Brenengan will be the first place we will go. Thanks Brenengan and Marty!

Great car buying experience!

BrandiT on 12/18/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I loved dealing with this dealership. I just bought a 2014 Ford Focus from them. I found the Focus on their website and it was absolutely perfect for me. They got me approved for financing with a good rate and I told them I'd be down the next day to look at it. They had the car all warmed up and set aside waiting for me when I arrived. This was my first new car and I expected a little more hassle with the buying process but it was so easy and fast. I love the car so much, I had a couple questions after the sale about the radio features and Gene followed up with me right away and answered my questions. Everyone was really friendly and helpful! When I told my friends and family I was in the market to buy a vehicle everyone told me to go to Brenegen, I'm glad I did. You can't beat their prices and their service!

top notch dealer

Heather L. on 09/09/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

While in the process of shopping for a new truck, a co-worker recommended Brenengen Ford in Sparta so I decided to give them a try. Gene, the salesman, made shopping for a vehicle an excellent experience. He was very knowledgeable about the trucks. He went through all of the features and demonstrated how everything worked in the cab. He was very patient with all of my questions and I never felt pressured. Eric, in the financing department, made all of the paperwork go smoothly. I am very pleased with my new truck and quite satisfied with the purchase experience at Brenengen. I will go there again when it's time for a different truck.

Great atmosphere, great people!

MB on 06/04/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

I had been searching for a new vehicle for several months. I had never been overly enthused about any of the dealers we visited or the sales people we dealt with. The people at Brenengen were extremely helpful and the salesperson went over the entire vehicle front to back explaining each aspect. The Tru Discount Pricing makes the buying process easier as you don't have to worry about haggling with the salesperson. The salesperson was extremely helpful and really allowed me to have the best possible experience in buying my first vehicle! I definitely recommend Brenengen and know I look forward to dealing with them again in the future.

F150 purchase

C. Poynor on 03/16/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Would just like to say thanks. This was by far the best vehicle buying experience I have ever delt with. I talked to Troy on the phone we worked out details of the purchase. I drove up, did the paperwork and was out the door and on my way home in less than one hour. No sitting and going back and forth with sales manegers for hours. a real small town feel to their deelership. I will no doubt make the 3.5 hour drive when its time to trade in my Wifes vehicle. Thanks alot Guys keep up the good work.

My 2012 Battery Problem.

Den on 01/14/2013

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 4.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Had probelm with Battery Manager contacted and check was issued for relacement.I had given a review here on May 2, 2012.They took care of the problem right away.

brenengan dealership

ICEMAN on 06/21/2012

Customer Service: 4.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 4.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

I bought my first car from Brenengan and they are by far the best if not top 3 in this area!! They made everything SOOOOOOO easy and their attention to detail make them really able to go over the top on everything!!

No Sale

Have none on 06/20/2012

Customer Service: 4.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

We did not buy from Brenengen because of a better deal elsewhere. Salesman was polite but just didn't have what we were looking for. Showroom was clean and pleasant.

No Haggle Dealership

Normal guy on 06/20/2012

Customer Service: 4.0 Buying Process: 3.0 Overall Facilities: 3.0

This dealership really sticks to their claim of the listed price being their bottom line. In most cases, the prices they have listed are fairly reasonable. Don't go here unless you are happy with the price they have listed, which you will find to be lower than most everywhere else. I worked with Gene, and he was very accommodating and I never felt pressured to buy anything. He let me take my time and I test drove a lot of cars before picking one. He even had someone pick me up to bring me to the dealership since I did not have a car (hence going to purchase a new one). My only complaint would be the fact that they refused to budge at all on the listed price, but I still paid about the same or less than I would have had I gone to another dealership with much higher listed prices that allowed haggling. The reason I went back and bought my car here is because Gene, the salesman, never pressured me to make a sale. He was patient with me and allowed me to look at/drive anything I wanted to.

2011 Kia Optima

Kia Man on 05/16/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 4.0

Everyone was very helpful at the dealership. We drove 3.5 hours to purchase our car, it was cheaper than any car similar on the internet. We started out with emails, the salesman made sure to hold the car for us, and it was fully detailed inside and out, he even spent some time with some special clay to take off some rail dust. Once we decided on the car it took about 20min to go thru the sales process and we were back on the road. Thanks for all your help.

I would tell anyone buying a car from here to make them...

irishman96 on 05/02/2012

Customer Service: 2.0 Friendliness: 5.0 Pricing: 3.0 Overall Experience: 2.0

I would tell anyone buying a car from here to make them put in a new battery before they drive off. The used car I bought the battery went out in 5 days. The car was only 2 years old the battery should not have been bad. Also if they even would have tested it they would have known it was bad. The site says they are Blue Oval Certified.They must rate themselves because customers sure would not.

Bought a car here

ANMAC on 05/02/2012

Customer Service: 1.0 Buying Process: 4.0 Quality Of Repair: 1.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Bought a used car. Drove the car 5 days and the battery goes out. Not a great job of checking cars out they sell to people. Blue Oval approval. Not

Great Service

irishman96 on 03/25/2012

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

Great place to buy a car. Closed the deal in a few hours. Great Service.

Brenengen Ford Mercury

Mom driving around on 11/22/2011

Customer Service: 1.0

I contacted them for online business and nobody contacted me back. Not very good business.

Was great

Escape on 11/22/2011

Customer Service: 5.0 Buying Process: 5.0 Quality Of Repair: 5.0 Overall Facilities: 5.0

We had a great experience with Brenengen Ford. We would do it again, and we would recommend them for buying used.


Mileage: 21263

Color: WHITE

Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic

Body Style: Crossover

City: Sparta, WI

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Mileage: 9084

Color: BLACK

Transmission: Automatic

Body Style: Pickup_truck

City: Sparta, WI

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Mileage: 0


Transmission: 10-Speed Automatic

Body Style: Crew Cab Pickup

City: Sparta, WI

Engine Type: 2.3L I4 16V GDI DOHC Turbo

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