2013 VOLVO XC90



above average
55,644 Miles
Miles below average

Vehicle Details

Mileage: 55644
Color: BLACK
Body Style: Sport Utility
Transmission: 6 Speed Shiftable Automatic
Engine Type: 6 Cylinder
Drive Train: FWD
Fuel: GAS
Location: Phoenix, AZ
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Information about Dealer

Intentionally sold duplicate warranties

AbusedbyE.J. on 10/28/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Quality Of Work: 1.0 Friendliness: 1.0 Pricing: 1.0 Overall Experience: 1.0

The following is my opinion: I purchases a "Certified Used Vehicle" from Volvo of Phoenix in June of 2016. All initial outward appearances of the dealership seemed to be clean, but there were NO other customers either on the lot or in the showroom. In retrospect this should have been the first red flag. E.J., who is the general manager with an overbearing, arrogant attitude with a lack of any obvious intelligence. This man seems to exactly represent the stereotypical used car salesman that we have all come to despise. He was the second and third red flags.E.J. at the 11 hour of the transaction wanted to up charge me $1,000 for paying cash. Of course, I refused and threaten to walk. He quickly became angry and stomped away like a immature 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum. The SUV I purchased was only to be considered a "Certified" used car IF I purchased the warranty from the finance department located next door at the bustling Toyota dealership. I subsequently purchased the warranty for $2,300 believing that I must purchase this SINGLE warranty to receive the benefits of the "Certified" used car status. Imagine my surprise when this "Certified" used car, only a couple months later had a mechanical issue. Upon taking the vehicle to a different, more reputable Volvo dealership, I was informed that I had (2) warranties not (1) like I was led to believe. The CPO (Certified Pre Owned) AND MPP (Mechanical Protection Plan). I was informed that the (2) warranties were substantially the same warranties and that this was potentially fraudulent sales practices. I promptly contacted MPP and was told that I actually had paid them $900 for their warranty of the $2,300 total paid. They were very helpful and provided the form to request a refund, which I did. I was then refunded $715 out of the $900. $185 was not refunded due to prorated amount and early termination fee.I contacted Volvo of Phoenix to discuss the duplicated warranties expecting that they had merely made a mistake. I couldn't really believe that Volvo would allow one of their dealerships to intentionally deceive one of their customers. After requesting to speak to E.J. a couple of time, with no return calls, I decided to communicate via email. I requested the $185 that was not refunded to be refunded by Volvo of Phoenix as they had made this 'mistake'. I was told by the Finance Manager and the General Manager (E.J) that this duplicated warranty was NOT a mistake and they initially sold me BOTH these warranties and I should have read the fine print. After a couple of emails back and forth, E.J. agreed to pay the $185 IF I would sign a 'general waiver' which would waive any and all past, present or future claims that may come up in the future in reference to this vehicle. I would have to agree not to share my opinion(s) on Facebook, My Space, Dealer Rater, Yahoo, Google, BBB, Yelp, Attorney's General Office ect. This general release was signed by Midway Holdings, inc. DBA Volvo of Phoenix by Eugene J. Schneider. I promptly refused because I felt sharing my experience with all of you, and retaining the ability to sue if something serious happened to this vehicle in the future was worth more than $185.I also contacted Volvo USA and they said the dealerships are not within their control. It is kind of a 'Buyer Beware' and they are solely owned and operated. Hence the wonderful reviews at many of the Volvo Dealerships across the state and nation, but NOT Volvo of Phoenix. Incidentally, it appears the reviews at Volvo of Phoenix started to deteriorate coincidentally at the same time as E.J. became the General Manager. Customers have the choice as to were they spend their hard earned money. Choose wisely. As for me, my family, and my friends, we will never purchase another vehicle from E.J. or Volvo of Phoenix. Looking at other reviews, E.J. Is the reason the customer service began and continues to slide into the proverbial abyss.

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Vehicle Rating & Owner Reviews

Overall Rating
  Based on 4 reviews

My Second Volvo

LoriAnn on 08/09/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 5 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 5 Value Rating: 5

I love this SUV. Looks great, good gas mileage, comfortable. The Dealership is awful. I'm going to the other dealer.

XC 90

Cliff Baseler on 01/28/2016

Performance: 0 Comfort: 0 Fuel Economy: 0 Fun To Drive: 0 Interior Design: 0 Exterior Design: 0 Build Quality: 0 Reliability: 0 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 5 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: 5 Safety Rating: 5 Technology Rating: 4 Value Rating: 5

Poor Reliability and Quality!!! Don't Waste Your Money!!!

sah2075 on 05/28/2013

Performance: 2 Comfort: 2 Fuel Economy: 1 Fun To Drive: 2 Interior Design: 2 Exterior Design: 1 Build Quality: 1 Reliability: 1 Comfort Rating: 2 Performance Rating: 2 Interior Rating: 2 Reliability Rating: 1

Volvo shouldn't even classify the 2013 XC90 in the midsize luxury SUV category, because it is a poorly designed and unreliable vehicle that is poorly manufactured. Issues I have had with my XC90: * Brakes- Squeal, rub, vibrate...dealer would not fix. * Starter went out...leaving me stranded in the middle of the highway * AC compressor went out * Loud rattles and clicking noises while driving * Leather seats get scratches on them easily from clothing rubbing against them * Back up warning alarm did not alarm at times * Blind spot indicator sensors would not work properly at times. * Third row seat is a waste, no adult will fit in it.

Our third XC90, but not our favorite

jns1014 on 08/06/2012

Performance: 3 Comfort: 5 Fuel Economy: 4 Fun To Drive: 3 Interior Design: 4 Exterior Design: 5 Build Quality: 5 Reliability: 5 Comfort Rating: 5 Performance Rating: 3 Interior Rating: 4 Reliability Rating: 5

New is a steering-wheel activated bluetooth which replaces Volvo's after-market dashboard control, but why on earth did they eliminate the voice-activated system? Now we can only dial calls from our phone book, and need to take our eyes off the road to do so? Very backward thinking for such a safe car. Also, the rear park assist warning is barely audible now, with only the rear speakers quietly beeping. Forget about hearing it with the AC fan on and radio! The back-up camera is a nice additional feature, though. And, the navigation system no longer allow "stored" locations.

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