2008 FERRARI F430



below average
9,156 Miles
Miles below average

Vehicle Details

Mileage: 9156
Color: BLACK
Body Style: Coupe
Trim Level: Base
Engine Type: 8 Cyl
Drive Train: RWD
Fuel: GAS
Location: Downers Grove, IL

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Information about Dealer

Terrible Customer Service

SGP on 10/16/2016

Customer Service: 1.0 Buying Process: 1.0

We stopped in at this dealership to help narrow down our car selection process. The dealership had a great variety of cars. We test drove a 2013 BMW 6-Series and were very happy with it. After coming back inside, we began to talk numbers. The salesman asked what it would take to get the car today. He explained his pricing was the best & it was very competitive and even challenged me to find something comparable at a better price on Cars.com. After a quick search, I found a vehicle with the same specs (slightly better in fact) for $5k less. After showing it to him, the salesman was surprised and asked that I pull the CarFax up. After doing so, it yielded no issues / faults with the car. The salesman then said, if I have to, I'll get to that price point and assured us that he would do what was necessary to get there. The dealer knew this was the first car we test drove and we were going to look around further & we told them we'd be back the same day or Monday at the latest if we still wanted the car. They were totally fine with it and didn't even pressure us to stay to complete the deal. A few hours later, we came back with my father-in-law, test drove the car again, and got ready to finalize the car purchase. The salesman drew up numbers and asked what we wanted to pay. I told him he knew where we needed to be based on the comp we found earlier and to come back to me with an offer. He asked us to pull the information up again on the comp which we happily did. He ran the carfax on his own, didn't find any faults with it, and went to speak with his manager. A few minutes later, he came back and said, sorry I can't do anything for you. After explaining to him that we came back because he assured us he could get to that price if he needed to, he said he couldn't anymore. He said he didn't have the authority to do so, however, a few hours earlier, he said he would get to that price. The manager wouldn't even come to us because he knew they promised a price they couldn't get to. Terrible customer service and experience. Why challenge me to find a comparable vehicle in the area with the same exact specs and say you can match it when you can't? Total waste of time. They had zero remorse for wasting our time and didn't even apologize for the way they handled the situation.

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